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Business Two different languages that have completely different systems of writing are difficult to translate into one another. Machine translations using software will claim otherwise, but reality tells us that human translators are more competent in business and using a professional translator makes sense if you are an entrepreneur, have no knowledge of any other language except your own, and want to establish long-term relationships with foreign clients or acquire potential customers in a foreign country. What You Should Consider in a Professional Translator Experience: Collaborating with an experienced translator gives you the benefit of having access to the knowledge that he or she has obtained from other companies similar to yours on related projects or with the same concerns. The experience of your chosen translator should help you gain insights not only on the language but also on its socio-cultural nuances and their impacts on your target market. Consistency: inconsistency in language usage may make it confusing for customers to comprehend the message you want to get across; this happens when some personnel leave or products are re-packaged. A translator can help your business set up terminology lists and glossaries to define your company%u2019s language style clearly. The tools needed to manage this are time-consuming and costly; outsourcing this management to a competent translator is a good option. Efficiency: hiring a translator enables your company to use resources directly to increase market share or improve your company%u2019s services or products instead of utilising them for handling and management of your company%u2019s translation requirements. Using a professional translator makes sense because it is less of a risk, offers more flexibility, and requires cheaper upfront investment. When Do You Need a Professional Translator? Hiring a professional translator will not be cheap, but it is certainly money well worth investing. Knowing when you need professional translation done should be your primary basis for this kind of investment. It could be internal memos for the overseas branches of your company, with local employees who may not speak your own language, and the delivery of their content should be prompt. It could be product information for marketing collateral that would require expertise to formulate into effective advertising copy. More often than not, a company that is in the business of food services or products and technology with an overseas branch should employ a professional translator for food labels on packaging and tags bearing technical descriptions. These are precautionary measures in cases of food poisoning or injury from using equipment or a gadget. Your chosen translator would be aware of the legalities implemented in the country where your overseas branch is located and translate your service or product text accordingly. What to Remember When Hiring a Professional Translator Here are the rest of the things you have to remember when hiring a professional translator: Choose one who speaks both the source and target languages to guarantee that translations sound natural, normal, and are sensible within the socio-cultural parameters of the language. Ask the translator to submit his or her credentials regarding education, training, years of experience, and areas of specialisation. Ask for a TOEFL or an IELTS certification. These criteria confirm the translator%u2019s proficiency in another language and profess the knowledge about bridging the cultural gaps between certain languages with competence. References from past clients are in order; this is your insurance that your chosen translator is trustworthy. While credentials are good on paper, actual referrals are even better. Using a professional translator makes sense only if you are hiring one who is highly skilled, well-trained, sufficiently educated, appropriately certificated, and reasonably fair when it comes to rates. About the Author: .thai-english-translation.. 相关的主题文章: