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Alternative QiGrow Vibration Remedies – Emotional Intelligence Technology. QiGrow Vibration Remedies (QVR) contain vibrational frequencies of pure consciousness. Energetic information stored in water, they are energy medicine. QiGrow Vibration Remedies offer guidance, wisdom and support from many different aspects of nature including animals, trees, crystals, minerals, virtues (thoughts and emotions) and the Chakra + Meridian systems. There are so many vibrational frequencies that have been downloaded, immersed into pure water and then .bined to create QiGrow Vibration Remedies, we know there is a Vibrational Remedy to assist you right now! The Power of the Human Mind :: Flower Essences and Energy Medicine The biggest obstacle to health, wellbeing and abundance is our mind. The human mind is so powerful it will create and manifest anything it believes to be true. Unfortunately most of what our subconscious mind ‘believes’ to be true was stored when you were between the ages 0-5 and in fact is mainly false information. Right from the moment of conception your mind has been recording history to assist you in interpreting or perceiving your external environment. The information that the mind stored was all the information that was said to you in your presence, that would mainly be information from your parents. It can also be programming that was playing on the tv or radio, and stuff that your siblings said or felt about you (it does not have to be a verbal .munication). Later, schooling also played a part in shaping what you believe to be true about life of Earth. The issue we have is that most of this information is false! You could have heard your mother say something off the cuff, she didn’t really mean it to be taken literally or it could have been a .ment as part of a joke, as an adult you could determine what is serious and what is just a joke, but when you are under 5 years old your brain is operating in the delta/theta range where you are basically in an hypnotic state and everything just goes in as truth. So how does that impact our lives? Every time an event happens in our life (every day stuff) our minds operating system will delve into the subconscious to find an appropriate response. It will look at the external event and make a perception of what that means, we have less than 30 seconds for the conscious mind to make a rational decision, after that time period has elapsed the operating system will go into autopilot and make the decision for us based on past events stored as memory. Do you find yourself going thru the same stuff over and over, having the same experiences every year, meeting the same types of people, not really going forward in your life in any large and meaningful way? Do you always seem to be manifesting an illness or disease? All of this is the mind at work. Operating systems that are designed to protect us and keep us out of danger. The problem is the way a threat is perceived is quite often way out of proportion. This is where QVR’s .e in. They are Emotional Intelligence Technology, information or software upgrades for our operating system to allow the mind to have access to a greater amount of information for perceiving your environment to make balanced decisions. The information contained in QVR’s is consciousness, vibrational frequencies that our energetic system and body recognize and can incorporate alongside previously stored information. Everything is vibrational at its core, thoughts, emotions, minerals, crystals, all stuff – matter and non matter alike. Its all Vibrational Frequencies. Vibration is the Key and it is what makes our remedies so powerful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: