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Careers-Employment If you are certified ESL teacher you probably will have a lot of ESL job opportunities in Korea. ESL jobs in Korea can be found on various places: from advertisement in local newspapers TV advertisements to Internet. On every of these advertisement will be stated where you will work regarding to the town in Korea, how many hours per week you should work, date when you begin to work if you accept the offer, ac.modation i.e. the place where you will live and a lot of other valuable information for estimating to accept the offer or not. If you choose to apply for the vacancy as English Teacher in Korea, you should be familiar with all requirements. First of all be sure that you are in contact with serious employer. You should take in considerations all information provided for these jobs in Korea. Most of the employers who are looking for English teacher in Korea are looking for native English speaker. Also the certificate for teaching other people is also required. This certificate can be obtained after finishing university or after attending some courses for ESL teacher. The place where the ESL teacher will work depends from the employer to employer. But the work place is usually stated in the job advertisement. So, the ESL teacher can work in kindergarten, primary schools, some university or can work in some private schools for business English. In these advertisements also stated all your university degrees and certificates that you should have in order to apply for the job. If you are working in kindergarten or in primary school, you will be required to have knowledge to work with the kids. This is a specific kind of job so if you fail to have friendly relationship with the children in these schools you will not be very successful ESL teacher. You will be required to work 20 to 40 hours a week- depending from the agreement. Jobs in Korea offers you good salary. The salary often is negotiable with your employer and the salary depends upon your experience, the diploma and certificates that you have etc. It is worthwhile to mention that you will be given bonuses for numerous well done jobs. So, if you are successful ESL teacher you will be granted with special bonus as increase of your salary. Bonuses are given if you are successful work too. The most appreciate thing when you are applying for ESL jobs in Korea is that you have Bachelors degree. Also a lot of certificates are required such as ESOL, TEFL or CELTA, but these certificates are not necessary for every job in Korea. You have some advantage for possessing these certificates but if you don’t have them is not big deal. If we make a rsum: you will be required to have bachelor’s degree, some of the certificates, and also some experience in teaching the kids. Lack some these requirements makes you more distance for fulfilling the vacancy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: