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Home-and-Family Mario Williams talksa bout Thermal Roof Coating. Hes a partner at Lone Star Roofing, a third-generation family-owned and operated roofing .pany located in Texas. One of the best ways that anyone can protect their roof and extend its life is to invest in a Thermal Roof Coating. Thermal Roof Coating is a system placed on top of your current roof to protect it from harsh temperature changes or everyday wear and tear. When properly installed by a skilled contractor, a Thermal Roof Coating can stop leaks, prevent cracks, and help preserve the roof itself from sudden climate changes. These coatings can also reduce the loads on home and office building AC systems, by keeping the roof cool and thereby bringing down the temperature in the interior of the building at the same time. In addition, by reducing the load on overworked heating and cooling equipment, you are therefore extending the life of that equipment, as well, and reducing your overall maintenance costs. Many times these Thermal Roof Coating systems can actually pay for themselves by bringing down a buildings heating and cooling bills dramatically and immediately. The savings could really be astronomical, especially in larger .mercial buildings. So investing in a Thermal Roof Coating will actually pay for itself oftentimes, which many people dont realize. Of course, there is not just one type of Thermal Roof Coating. Different roofs, made out of different materials, all require their own specific type of thermal coating. For example, when you are working with modified roofs, or built-up roofs, and asphalt roofs you need to make sure that you are using an asphalt-based coating. Meanwhile, other roof types like metal roofs, polyurethane foams, and EPDM rubbers all need different coatings. Essentially, the rule of thumb when determining what type of coating to put on a roof is to never mix oil and watersticking to the same material family when choosing a coating is important. For that same reasonthe fact that there are so many types of Thermal Roof Coating systemsit can be difficult to pinpoint one price estimate, even when taking a roofs size out of the equation. Cost wise, thermal coatings are going to be all over the place. For the most part, there are about five or six types of thermal roof coatings that we use most often at Lone Star Roofing, depending what type of roof we are working with. Then, within those five or six types of coatings, there are four or five grades depending on what type of quality you want to go with for your roof. So when a person asks how much a thermal coating is going to cost, we are looking at more than 25 price points. That in itself is another reason why I encourage everyone to know about their roof before calling a contractor. If you are planning a really big job, hire a consultant who will go up to the roof with you and look at it, letting you know what type of materials it is made from and what type of coating would work best. Stay up to date on that, because otherwise you will not know what to ask for when calling a roofing contractor for an estimate on a Thermal Roof Coating job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: