Tips On How To Get More Grease Out Of Your Grease

Trucks Most Grease drums and some pails today have plastic liners. Plastic liners can be a big issue in getting most of your grease out of your container. With the costs of grease today, you can not afford to leave any grease in your drum. These simple steps can help get more of your grease from you drums. 1) When you first open your Drum, Keg, or Pail. Take the extra plastic and pull over the outside edge of your drum, get out your Duct Tape and tape the plastic to the outside of your drum- pulling it tight while soing so. This will keep the plastic from clumping up under your follower plate and holding your follower plate from going down with the grease. 2) If you are using a tacky #1 or #2 Grease and your still not able to get most of the grease out of the drum. Add a 4-6 foot section of Clean chain to the top of your follower plate- this will add weight to the follower plate to help push it down further in the drum. This works best on 16 and 55 gallon drums. Make sure the chain is Clean so you do not add any contamination to your grease. Also spread the chain evenly around the follower plate so the follower plate goes down level. 3) 35lb Grease pails are not as simple as Kegs and Drums. Most 35lb pails today are tapered- this taper alone will not allow most follower plates to reach the bottom of the pail. There are special Follower plates out that help with this issue. One is made by Samson Corporation. The follower plate is cut with a smaller outside diameter than the ones used by most American Lubrication Equipment manufacturers. The biggest problem with the 35lb pails is air pockets forming in the grease. About the only way to keep the air pockets from forming is to occassionally pickup your pail about 1 to 2 feet and drop to the floor to help settle the grease down in the pail. Even with these simple tips, you still wont be able to get all the grease out of your drum or pail. When you have pumped all the grease you can from your drum, remove the liner and squeeze the grease into a new drum or pail of the same grease. Don’t set the bag down on the floor- be careful not to get any contamination into the grease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: