The second session of the River Summer Arts season ended 400 sessions of large-scale activities in t sopor aeternus

The second session of the "River" summer cultural and artistic events that season ended 400 scale – Beijing Beijing in September 28 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) Shenyang Normal University Symphony Orchestra, teachers and students in Shenyang on the evening of 27 Heping District shenshuiwan park river summer cultural plaza a wonderful performance, falling second "the summer Cultural Festival and the second session of the Hunhe River symphonic music festival curtain. In 2016 second "river summer cultural festival, spring from the start, has entered the summer, early autumn, bloom along the road on both sides of a river. Which lasted 123 days, through various theatrical performances, cultural exhibition, sports, fitness and leisure activities such as interactive work in more than 400 screenings, nearly a million people enthusiastic participation. The river, through the city of Shenyang is the mother river, the river in the summer of "more than 400 events, all along the Hunhe River, day and night, regardless of the usual weekend, whether the land surface of the sky, a field of exciting activities, adds rich color for Shenyang. The second session of the Hunhe River symphonic music festival, as part of a "River" summer, elegant symphony into the lives of ordinary people, add a rich artistic atmosphere for Shenyang. "River summer Cultural Arts Festival, to create a zone of peace, all free open to the general public, which is typical of the Huimin activities, the intention is to enrich people’s lives, increase the cultural atmosphere in Shenyang. It is understood that the event will continue to carry out next year, and add new content. (end)相关的主题文章: