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When I pack for family camping trips, I sometimes feel like we are the "Meals On Wheels" for campers. Preparing great meals on camping trips is really not that .plicated when you pack the right ingredients before you leave. Have you ever noticed that food tastes better while camping? A lot of people seem to think that they have to eat things like hot dogs and canned chili on camping trips. This does not have to be the case. Just about anything that you can cook at home you can also make on camping trips. We have all of our camp cooking supplies stored in plastic Rubbermaid see through storage bins. The best fresh foods for camping are easy to make as long as you have the right equipment such as large portable Xtreme Coleman cooler, adjustable camping stove, and an organized camping pantry. Get Organized And You Can Prepare The Follow Foods On A Camping Trip Chocolate Cake. We are able to bake desserts with a steamer that rests inside our wok. The dark chocolate cake is astounding! Gourmet Omelets. We make bistro quality omelets in a caste iron griddle. We find farm fresh eggs from locally raised chickens, vegetables, peppers, and occasionally cut small bits of sausage or bacon along with some grated cheeses. Organic Peach-Mango Granola. For breakfast, I like make home made granola in our stainless steel wok. I can make it taste as good as the granola that is baked in the oven. My ingredients include organic shredded coconut, chopped almonds, sliced pecans, and any dried organic fruit that I have in our camping pantry. Bone On Chicken Soup.We use an entire chicken in our pressure cooker. If you have never made chicken soup with an entire chicken, you have to try this on a camping trip. We use our pressure cooker to store silver ware, plates, cups, and loose items when traveling between camp sites. Buttered pop corn. For an evening snack, we make gourmet popcorn in our wok. Who says that a wok is for Asian cooking? While my wife is 100% Asian, we use it for cooking more than Chinese food on our camping trips. Fried rice. We use or pressure cooker to make rice as a side dish for many of our meals. After a day or two, my wife will make chicken fried rice. T-bone Steak & Grilled Onions. Grilled steak can be easily made on a flat Lodge Logic cast iron griddle in minutes. We eat T-bone steaks more on our camping trips than we at home. Lamb Shanks With Caramelized Onions. I never realized that grilling lamb on the road is as easy as making steaks. We serve the lamb with boiled potatoes. I like to prepare camping meals that I am familiar with such as our favorite meals that we make at home. I don’t make it a practice to learn new culinary skills while camping unless someone happens to gift us with a side of elk or fresh salmon. These kinds of exceptions are wel.ed because they are rare. When you stick with foods that you are familiar with, buying supplies and preparing the meals will be all the more easy. Bring along food that you already know how to prepare and enjoy eating. Give me a cup of coffee and a bowl of fruit for breakfast and I am happy. Don’t Leave Home Without These 7 Dry Foods For Camping Mixed raw dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. Make sure that you pack plenty of raw seeds, nuts, and dried fruits for your next camping trip. Raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruit can be eaten anytime of the day and are packed full of energy. They make a great emergency food source and do not need refrigeration. Coffee, herbal teas, black tea, green tea, etc. Despite the fact that hot beverages like coffee and tea are not food, they sure are soothing to the soul. This is why I don’t deprive myself of these .fort drinks while on camping trips. I tend to drink more coffee and tea while camping because I am so relaxed. Dont spoil your camping trip with a stop at Starbucks to get you out of your routine. Let the yuppies escape the outdoors to grab a cup of joe at Starbucks while you enjoy your own home brew in the .fort of your campsite. This only works if you are coffee or tea drinker. .fort foods and drinks are meant to be enjoyed in moderation. I take that advice with a grain of salt on my camping trips. Raw chia seeds. Chia seeds have be.e extremely popular after the release of Christopher McDougal’s book "Born To Run" ranted about the benefits of chia seeds for endurance athletes. Chia seeds are chock full of vitamins and energy. Chia seeds tastes slightly nutty. You can mix seeds in water and add lime or lemon juice and sugar to make a drink known in Mexico and Central America as chia fresca. As with ground flax seeds, you can sprinkle ground or whole chia seeds on cereal, in yogurt or salads, eat them as a snack, or grind them and mix them with flour when making muffins or other baked goods. Chia is a sought after snack in our family and my kids always request chia pudding for their desert on camping trips.I like to add fresh cream, milk, coconut milk, or nut milk to a 1/2 cup of raw chia seeds and let it sit for several hours. After the mixture gets firm like pudding, I will add a light sweetener like maple syrup or rapadura sugar. If you like tapioca pudding, then you are really going to like chia pudding as it sort of has the same consistency. Top the pudding with fresh blue berries or strawberries for a super healthy desert. Dried beans and legumes. I have never been on a camping where I did not pack dried beans. For our family, it would not be a camping trip if we did not make our honest to God cowboy chili. Cooking beans is an easy task for us since we travel with a pressure cooker. Hard cheese. Both Paremesan and Romano cheese have the benefit of not requiring short term refridgeration. A small package of these hard cheeses will keep fresh for weeks. I like to finely grate Paremesan cheese and sprinkle it on my salads or over a hot plate of pasta where it melts just like a soft cheese. Pasta noodles. Pasta is probably the tastiest and easiest meal to make on camping trips. Simply boil the water and add your favorite pasta. Serve with fresh pasta sauce and grate Romano cheese. Fresh pasta tastes great and is easy to prepare at your campsite. I am not fond of the typical grocery store variety pasta sauces. I will buy a decent marinar sauce from Trader Joes or Costco when we are near any of these stores. Canned tuna. Having a checklist for all your food items will save you a lot of time and money. A well planned checklist keeps you .anized and will keep you from over packing unnecessary items. We do a majority of shopping on the road since we tend to enjoy fresh food as opposed to pre-packaged camping foods sold by REI. I must admit that the freeze dried dinners produced today taste as close to gourmet food as you can get while camping. Its a good idea to throw a few freeze dried camping food packages in your storage bin as an emergency food source or when you are feeling lazy. If you like things that are easy to prepare and take along on hikes, then plan that into your checklist. We enjoyed fresh fruits and vegetables. So guess what we do? We enjoy foraging for fresh berries and edible plants. Last summer while camping in Northern Oregon, we discovered a scenic route called The Fruit Loop. We were able to pick our own .anic blueberries and fresh cherries with a view of Mt. Hood and the beautiful Cascade Mountain range in the background. It was one of the most amazing camping experiences in her life. On the same trip, we finished for trout and were able to enjoy some excellent fresh fish dinners. Not too far away from the Fruit Loop was a beautiful remote campground located at Lost Lake. When we arrived at the lake, we noticed people filling small pails with beautiful berries. When we inquired what type of berries they were picking the young ladies explained to us that they were wild huckleberries. We spent the next 3 days eating as much huckleberries as we could. Take The Following 6 Soices And You Are Almost Guaranteed To Have The Tastiest Camping Meals Camping food needs to be as tasty as it is at home or you will be heading for the nearest fast food restaurant or diner. Salt & Pepper Hot red pepper Dried Onions Garlic flakes Chili powder Cinnamon Use double duty cookware like woks and pressure cookers. Stay away from the big-box discount store camp cooking sets as most of those are nice to look at but are not very practical or functional. Stick basic foods that don’t require hundreds of ingredients unless you pre-package them before you leave home. 相关的主题文章: