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Email-Marketing Do unnecessary emails keep popping up in your inbox every now and then? Do you keep wondering how unknown companies manage to seep in through the inbox of your email id? Often companies and e commerce websites get access to the e-mail id of online users and end up spamming the inbox of various individuals and online users. These days many websites and online stores are exchanging the data containing the e-mail ids of their users amongst themselves in order to earn a few extra bucks. It is a well known fact that spamming has turned into a full- fledged industry. Just as email marketing services have become famous, spam also exists on the same level as a successful business. The world of email marketing services is no more, free from the evil of spamming. The profile of a spammer mainly involves procuring email addresses in bulk from marketers. Spamming the inbox of people with content that they dont want is a bad marketing practice, whats needed is permission based marketing. It has been seen that email campaigns which have made use of permission based marketing technique have been much more successful. The reputation and brand name of a long established organisation or company can be ruined by the use of unsolicited means of promotion and advertising. Opt-in forms are one of the ways in which permission based marketing can be used to take permission from online users and potential customers of an e-commerce website. Permission based email marketing services are defined as the those email campaigns which initially seek the permission of the potential buyer before taking the communication forward with him or her by sending e-mail consisting important information. The information in the mail includes news of launch of new products or services by the website, current offers and discounts etc. Opt in forms are a good way to politely ask the potential customers for permission and also show respect. According to various surveys that have been conducted to study consumer behaviour it has been seen that customers appreciate companies and organisations which work honestly and conduct their business activities with full sincerity. Here are some of the benefits that an organisation can make use of while using permission based email marketing service: 1. Solicited emails that are sent to the buyer or customer contain high probability of being read. 2. The brand image and credibility of any e-commerce website gets enhanced. 3. The consumer feels much more privileged as permission is sought from them before mails are sent. 4. Spam often makes a consumer frustrated and irritated because it is uncalled for. But when a consumer hears from the company they have been waiting to hear from then it makes them happier and email campaigns are much more successful. 5. Email campaigns w hich have made use of permissions and opt in forms have been able to get higher return on investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: