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Medicine Stem Cell Transplant is the newest treatment methods in treating end-stage kidney failure . Although the application of stem cell transplant has aroused controversy in society, Stem Cell Transplant is really effective in treating kidney failure. Usually people with End-Stage Kidney Failure should take dialysis and kidney transplantation. Then which method is more effective and which is the most proper treatment method among dialysis, kidney transplantation and Stem Cell Transplant? Dialysis: after taking Dialysis, the creatinine level of the patients can decrease and the symptoms of high creatinine can be relieved. Dialysis is used for the simple symptoms, such as, nausea, vomiting, and edema, etc. Dialysis treatment need to be done at regular intervals and you should be careful of the .plications. Kidney transplant: the matching of a proper kidney source is rather difficult. The expense of kidney transplant is between 20 to 50 thousand Yuan, and the resist rejection expense involves 3000 Yuan per month. If kidney transplantation succeeds, it results immediately; if fails, it needs retransplant. Kidney transplant has a strong rejection and side effect, which are responsible for the death of patinets with kidney transplant. After kidney transplantation, the survival rate is dcreasing as the time goes. After six months of kidney transplantation, there is great possiblity of renal impairment. Stem Cell Transplant: the concerned experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital obtained the Stem Cell Transplant therapy in the treatment of renal failure and End-Stage Kidney Failure. The stem cells have two characteristics: self- renew and differentiation. When Stem Cell Transplants into human body, it will proliferate and differentiate into healthy immunocyte. The stem cells can rebuild your immune function, make your body produce antibodies, and express its immune function. So this pathogenic antibody was inhibited, so as to achieve the goal of regulating and controlling immune. At the same time, the stem cells constantly repair nephrocyte; the glomerular basement membranes also will be repaired. The symptoms such as urinary protein and occult blood will gradually disappear. After the .parison among the three treatment methods, people should have a general idea about Stem Cell Transplant. Stem Cell Transplant need not wait and is very effective in repair kidney tissues as well as rebuild kidney function. How to treat End-Stage Kidney Failure? I think you have already had the idea. Just have a try. You will get unexpected harvest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: