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Travel-and-Leisure Les Menuiresthere is no doubtis one of the best places to take children for a memorable ski holiday. The resort, with its incredible array of more than 40 dining places, an equal number of ski lifts, and more than 60 trails, offers the visitor thrilling activities at every turn. From the second you step out of your catered chaletwhich is a homey marvel of its ownyou are in for non-stop excitement. And, most importantly, the resort aims to be as child-friendly as possible with its safety-oriented facilities, nurseries and day-care centresa goal it has achieved excellently. The Big Air Bag Remarkable for its thoughtfulness and simplicity, the Big Air Bag (courtesy of Les Menuires very own Sports Club) is exactly thata big (really big) air bag, upon which anyone, regardless of skill in skiing or snowboarding, can happily drop onto. The Big Air Bag is made available at the foot of the slalom every day (except Saturdays), from 11 am to 12:30 pm, and then also at 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Despite its seeming simplicity (how can a simple bag full of air be .plicated?), its actually a lot of fun – especially if youre gauging by the cheerful screams of people who avail themselves of the activity. Minor safety measures, such as the mandatory wearing of protective helmet, are observed. So before you head home to your catered chalet for the day, finish off a run with an exhilarating drop on this gigantic cushion. Your kids will love you for it! Snowshoeing in the Belleville Valley Snowshoeing is an exhilarating way to explore the powder-covered countryside. In Les Menuires, this activity is a unique adventure that starts the moment you step out of your catered chalet. You dont have to bring any equipment with you, as everythingfrom pads to means of transportationcan be rented at the resort. You and the children need only focus on the fun of which there is plenty! Snow Castle for Kids and More Les Menuires positions itself as one of the most child-friendly ski resorts in the worlda reputation it deserves well. The resortfrom the way value-added services are provided near your catered chalet, to the different facilities designed to ensure that the whole family enjoy their stay heretruly lives up to its claim. In Le Piou Piou, for example, children as young as three months are accepted in its nursery facilities, which also includes play rooms and a special restaurant whose menu focuses on fun and healthful dishes for children. Various discounts are also available for families, such as up to 20% off the price of the lift pass. Children can spend hours of fun exploring the snow castle, or having the time of their lives in the indoor swimming pool .plex .plete with such staples as trampolines and a ball pool. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: