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Writing-and-Speaking Television writers seem like they have it made. It really is the dream job to many people. It pays well for those who reach even a mid-level of television writing success, and it’s a well-respected job in the industry. However, how to break into this aspect of show business can sometimes seem as mind-boggling as getting a starring role. However, there are things that can be done to heighten your chances of success as a television writer. Become a part-time couch potato. Odd advice for a writer? Well, you need to see at least one episode of every current television show. It’s important. If you become a professional television writer, renting such DVDs may even be considered tax-deductible because it’s career research. While you may want to spend the majority of your television viewing time on the shows that represent the kind of work you ultimately want to do and the shows you’d like to work on, it’s important to at least see one episode of each show. You never know which opportunity will come your way. It’s important to be able to say that you are familiar with any currently airing show if the subject comes up. Write a spec script. A spec script is basically a teleplay of an existing, current television show. It’s an episode that you write yourself. In it, you need to capture the spirit and mood of the show, and you need to stay true to the characters as they’re written on the show. As such, choose only a show that you know well for your spec script. This is going to be an important part of getting jobs as a writer in Hollywood or New York. Rewrite your spec script. Make sure that it’s formatted in the professional television script format. This differs slightly from screenplays for feature films. The spec script needs to be professional and polished, as it will open doors for you even if the resume is lacking. A good spec script showcases your strengths as a writer and your ability to adapt it for–and understand–a television show. Consider interning with a show that you enjoy if you have a night job that can support you or other means of financial independence. An internship is typically done for no or quite low pay. If you are a college student, you may be able to get college credit, and many studios will allow you to focus on the area that you ultimately want to work within. For instance, you’ll likely be assigned to intern with the writing team if that’s your ideal preference when interning. Make sure you get your script in as many areas as possible. This is the how television writers get their names out in the industry. Some of the best scripts have been discovered by referral or word of mouth, so keep that in mind. Finally, remember to always stay professional and always promote yourself and your work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: