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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews With so many multiple appliances and gadgets around, there is a growing need among the people to know what the product features are and how is their performance? The companies which provide these services advertise the main features of their products and their USPs. But, this may not give you the right insight into the device or technologies like the VoIP. Since the companies have to sell their products, the performance parameters could be little or substantially different from the ones that are claimed by the company. It is for this reason that the people like to read the appliances reviews from the actual users and the third party experts who can be expected to provide an unbiased opinion about the performance and features of these products. What are the appliances reviews all about? These reviews could be related to any one of the following: Features of the product Performance of the product Comparative analysis of the product with respect to closest competitors The success or failure of the company in satisfying the customers demand Technological reviews, and much more. How genuine are these reviews? There is no guarantee that these reviews are genuine. However, over a period of time, you will be able to identify the most reliable source of information which presents the most authentic review. It is to be noted that the bottom line of the good review is the authenticity. If the product is worth criticism, then it shall be done. However, some people might argue for the more balanced reviews to be the more authentic ones as well. If you are going through the appliances reviews and technological reviews on the TV, then the tone and tenor of the reviewer can tell a lot about the candidness of the review. If, however, you are going through the reviews featured on the internet, then it is better to find the video reviews of the product. Videos can be closer to the reality enabling you to see the product features and judge its performance standards. Company Vs Product dilemma Assume that the review is solidly in favour of a product which is coming form a new company or a relatively lesser know brand, then there are good chances that the review will be discarded. You might still go for a laptop from a more reputed brand rather than going for an ASUS one, even though the later has superior features. This could be the case for white goods as well. You might be having a mental block against a Hisense refrigerator for the simple reason that it is made in China and is assumed to be of inferior quality, even if the reviews are positive about the brand. Therefore, the appliances reviews about the products from the lesser known brands, even if positive, have limited relevance till the time the companies undertake massive brand awareness campaigns and get etched on top of the minds of people over a period of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: