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Book-Reviews The author Chetan Bhagat, quoted as the biggest selling English language novelist in Indias history, by The New York Times, has five blockbuster novels to his credit. Five Point someone is his first novel written in 2004. Being a product of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, Chetans writing reflects a very practical detail of the life behind the walls of such great institutions, the outlook towards life and academics as projected within. Written in simple English, this reflects the struggle of the student community in their run to score the highest grade point, to be in the good books of the professors and lecturers, by writing the best of the answers based on their capacity to mug and conform the notes. Reviewing Five Point Someone shows that the story revolves around Hari, the main character and his two friends Ryan and Alok. Their struggle to bring up their GPA from a measly five point with an outlook towards life, different from the one existing in the surrounding. It brings to light the darker side of the life of IITians. In a system, where a grade point average or the GPA of 9 and above is what is considered the best in a class, the five point something GPA creates all the problems for these three friends. The story talks about the life of the three friends Hari, Ryan and Alok, their family background, their expectations from IIT and their dreams for a brighter future. Ryan who is from a rich background, is brilliant in studies but is disillusioned by the system of education in IIT as it does not offer scope for innovation, Hari, who is the narrator of the story, on the other hand is struggling to be like Ryan while Alok wants to complete his studies from IIT so that he can get a high paying job to support his family and bring them out of poverty. Their struggle is to find friends for themselves, to be practical in their outlook and enjoy life at the fullest in a place where book and study materials are considered your main companion. The simplicity in writing style has made this a favorite book with a number of people preferring to buy books online, Chetan Bhagat brings out the facts of the Indian education system and the way the students need to change the outlook to the life. The convocation speech mention in this book reflects what every student needs to look forward to. GPAs promotions and performance reviews are not what life is based on. Family and friends are important aspects of ones life and how each balances this along with ones desires and goals is what defines the person in you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: