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Travel-and-Leisure The tourists like to visit India because of its diversities that they cannot experience in any country of the world. In India Rajasthan the royal state is frequently visited by the tourist because of its various diversities, fairs, cultural activities, festival and heritage monuments, lakes and almost everything. Visiting this royal state can give you .plete experience of your tour to India. Rajasthan is a land of desert. This is .mon India tour package offered by travel agencies. Rajasthani culture is unique in itself so most of the tourists like to visit this royal state. In Rajasthan pink city Jaipur is frequently visited tourist hub because of its historical monuments. In jaipur you will have opportunity to have a look on amber fort, which falls on the way to the city of Jaipur. Besides of heritage monuments heritage resort and hotels of Jaipur also attracts the tourists since these resorts and hotels were residential palaces of the Rajas of this region which now have been changed in modern hotels. To feel royal life of Rajas of Indias it is good idea to pass some time in these hotels. The doors of these modern hotels remain open for the tourists. To choose the best locations of Rajasthan you have various options. Like wildlife of Rajasthan, the culture of Rajasthan, the heritage hotels of Rajasthan. It depends on the tourists that which location they want to visit. To be well familiar with culture and traditions of Rajasthan, Rajasthan tours packages is the best available tour package for you which can give the you closer view of the culture and the traditions of this royal state. Rajasthani dancers also will entertain you at the same time. Besides, of this you can move to city of lakes Udaipur where you will enjoy natural beauty along with forts and palaces. This tour package also .prises some wildlife destinations. Hence, you can enjoy what pleases you in this tour package. If you are wildlife lover, you can include wildlife tour destinations including, Ranthambore Nation Park which is famous for tiger reserve where tigers can be spotted in daytime, Bharatpur bird sanctuary and Sariska tiger reserve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: