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Travel-and-Leisure Make trips to Rajasthan- the land of history, culture, heritage and scenic beauty. It is one of the most fascinating states in India and is also a popular tourist destination. Get the feel of the grand ancient heritage by visiting the beautiful palaces, forts, castles, temples and other relics. Also enjoy the scenic beauty of the state by making safari trips. There are plenty of Rajasthan tours and Rajasthan Tour Packages that are available. By embarking on these, you can get a feel of the cultural and historical tradition and enjoy the scenic beauty. Being a land of culture and ancient history, the heritage tours are an important part of the tours in Rajasthan. The state is full of wonderful castles, forts, temples, and other awe-inspiring cultural specimens. Some popular tourist destinations where you can undertake heritage tours are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Bikaner, and Udaipur, Sekhawati, Chittor and other places. To make Rajasthan tour packages more colorful, you should make trips to the rural areas and tribal villages. Rural Rajasthan is known for its cultural vibrancy and charm. You can enjoy camel rides in the villages or have a taste of mouth watering local cuisine. There are local markets in the rural areas from where you can buy beautiful handicrafts and local artifacts. Rajasthan, a land of culture and tradition, is also home to beautiful temples and religious relics. If you wish to get a feel of the rich tradition and culture, embark on a tour to visit the well known temples in the state. The temples date back to centuries and are famous for their grand and wonderful architecture. Most temples are dedicated to Gods like Shiva, Vishnu, and Laxmi. Some renowned temples where you can go are Kailadevi Temple, Suryanarayan Temple, Ranibhatiani Temple and Dwarkadheesh Temple. Rajasthan is an also ideal destination if you are looking to enjoy the diverse natural surroundings and scenic beauty. It is a land of beautiful forests, scenic rivers, deserts and mountains. By undertaking wildlife tours in Rajasthan, you can make trips to the national parks and wildlife reserves like Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, and Desert National Park and so on. The Rajasthan wildlife tours are a major part of Rajasthan tours and tour packages. You can also embark on elephant safari tours. There are wildlife resorts and lodges in most national parks and you can stay in them amidst beautiful natural surroundings. The ideal time for making wildlife tours is between the months of October and April. Rajasthan is a blend of culture, heritage and scenic beauty and is a specimen of the rich past of India. Undertaking tour in the state will make you experience the rich culture and tradition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: