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Fashion-Style Formed in 1993, the company Pacific Trading is spread over 40,000 square feet site and has distribution network of approximately 20 Lorries. It is one of the leading wholesale and Retail Company in Singapore. The company has made its name in offering quality and diverse range of food packaging products. The company has made name in many neighboring shores including countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The company has its own R&D team which looks after improving the area of technology. Apart from taking it as a business commitment, the company also takes care of the conservation of natural environment by developing environment friendly products. The company makes the recycled plastics. It has wide range of clear plastic containers and wholesale plastic bottles . They are versatile as well as durable in nature. These are used widely in hotels and offices and are purchased in bulk quantities. Plastic bowls and other storing disposable food containers are available with lids and one can get in various sizes and patterns. There are numerous disposable product choices in paper, plastic bowls and foam. They can be used as utensils in parties and functions. The PSP foam trays are available in different sizes, and are used for packaging fruits. There are disposable cups available which come in unique designs and various colours. On the top of it, you can customize it by printing your specifications on it. The company has PP Microwareable food grade utensils which can be easily used in microwave ovens. They come in so many sizes so that the storing becomes easy for you. There is also wide range of compartmentalized containers available. The company has its range of products which consists of Plastic sealing and strapping machines, BOPP Tapes and paper masking tape, Disposable plastic and vinyl gloves. It also has huge range for plastic table cloth, plastic aprons, and rain coats. Also you have options for Poly net packing of fresh fruits, or onions and garlic. You can use it for storing any dry foodstuff. There are various options available for packaging including food wrapping paper which is completely hygienic. Also there are various sizes packaging boxes offered which can be customized as per the type and size of food. There are beverage packaging boxes also available. The company makes specialized food wrapping paper which has standard greaseproof surface. In the Cutleries section, there is long list of products offered including forks, spoons, teaspoon, stirrer, western knife as well as Chinese spoon. These are available either in opaque white color or transparent shade. The plastic bags are available in all sizes along with the customizable zip-zap option. You can also opt for self-adhesive tape. For tying option, there are bulk rubber bands available for the purpose of packing. There are special quality containers available for packing fruits and cakes. The company offers solutions for all your packaging related problems. For more information about plastics and its products, contact: .pacificenterprise…sg About the Author: 相关的主题文章: