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Easy Daily Cash, EDC Gold, and Perfect Wealth Formula are superb for generating immediate in.e; but their big downside is that they do not generate long-term, residual in.e. Moreover, like all internet-marketing systems, they tend to have short lives .pared to well-established MLM’s. Also, the average annual in.e of top internet marketers falls far short of that of top network marketers. But it’s equally true that even the most successful network marketers face formidable challenges that internet marketers don’t have to deal with. Two of the most important are: 1) A good source of highly qualified potential partners; and 2) getting new partners into positive cash-flow before they be.e discouraged and drop out. Rick Jorgenson, founder and CEO of TycoonWealthBuilding LLC, in a brilliant flash of insight, recognized that these two wealth-building approaches, if carefully integrated, can .plement each other elegantly. By offsetting each other’s short.ings, they can provide a highly accelerated way to achieve .plete time and in.e freedom. Acting quickly on this insight, Rick has now created the Total Wealth Solution–integrating Perfect Wealth Formula, the most outstanding internet marketing system on the planet, with Shaklee, the world’s most venerable and rock-solid network marketing .pany. Although they are opposites in many ways, each of these two business entities provides what the other is lacking. In .bination, they .prise an ideal team–truly a Dynamic Duo. Rick and the excited members of his team happily refer to this union as "a marriage made in heaven." In summary, this hybrid marketing system consists of two key .ponents that are essential to optimal, long-range wealth generation: 1) A "Get Instant Cash" (GIC) program through Perfect Wealth Formula; and 2) a Residual In.e Formula (RIF) through Shaklee. With the advent of this revolutionary new hybrid marketing model, other internet marketing systems, such as EDC Gold, PassPortToWealth, Global Resorts Network, Coastal Vacations are at a serious disadvantage. The same is true for a myriad of other MLM’s. Simply put, this is the best in online marketing training, to help home based business entrepreneurs be.e the successful people they want to be. To be successful in any business opportunity, one must be self-reliant, and be able to pass on that self-reliance to others they sponsor. The Perfect Wealth Formula, with it’s Power House Marketing System, is the perfect way to educate yourself, and pass that knowledge up to those you sponsor, making them as self supporting as your are. Then, for all of the people you share the Power House Marketing System with, you can generate a secondary in.e stream. Likewise, so can they. One of the greatest challenges we face in getting a home based business started is the ability to generate quick cash flow. This is a real key to creating the "success formula" needed to sustain the activity level needed to get to the "tipping point" in your business. What if you could create almost immediate cash flow for your new sign ups while building the long term base for their Home Based business? What if you could also create a number of highly qualified potential prospects at the same time you are generating this cash flow? To build a successful network marketing business you need two essential elements: 1. A proven GIC (Generate Instant Cash) program to create both immediate cash flow and prospects for your business. 2. A proven RIF (Residual In.e Formula) to create long term, sustainable, walk-away in.e stream. By .bining these two powerful methods together you can successfully "marry" them together and address these two essential elements in building successful home based businesses to get the best of both these worlds… Internet Marketing (GIC Program) – with its ability to reach out to massive amounts of people in a short period of time thus creating the opportunity to generate IMMEDIATE cash flow while at the same time bringing in highly qualified people for your business and… Network Marketing (RIF), with its ability to leverage both time and people in a way that build MASSIVE residual in.e, $30K – $70K a month in a 2 to 3 year time frame, folks this is in.e that I like to call WALK AWAY MONEY because once you build your business to this level you can literally walk away from it and still having that money .ing in month after month. A proven RIF (Residual In.e Formula). Creating a viable and sustainable home based business requires two different elements. We talked about the first element above, a GIC program that generates almost instant cash flow allowing YOU to realistically self fund your business while ringing in good prospects at the same time. The second, and critical, element is to implement a proven RIF program that will generate a long-term, residual in.e stream for your business. What is Residual In.e? Residual in.e is money earned today on the work you have done in the past – which means, you can live the life of your dreams and still earn an in.e to support it while you do. And yes, it is available to everyone when it .es to building a Network Marketing business. It’s really pretty simple in Network Marketing to build a residual in.e. It’s simple, but not easy. You do need to invest some time up front in training to learn a few secrets about this fast growing industry. But if done right, you will reach the point where you will never have to work another day in your life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: