Penelope Cruz Reunites With Sergio On Venuto-whereisip

Arts-and-Entertainment Towards the end of last month, Screen International reported that Sergio Castellito and Penelope Cruz are to work together again. Penelope Cruz has apparently told the Italian daily La Repubblica that she would appear in the Italian actor-director’s next venture. The film in question is a movie adaptation of the 2008 Italian novel "Venuto al Mondo", by Margaret Mazzantini. The last time Cruz and Castellito worked together was in 2004, in the film "Don’t Move". That movie was based on another of Mazzantini’s novels called "Non Ti Muovere". The book had released in 2002, and had fetched the novelist the coveted Strega Prize. On the other hand, "Venuto al Mondo" won the Premio Campiello award in 2009. A Spanish version has already been released, while a French one will hit the bookshelves soon. The English version, however, won’t be available before 2011. The book tells a compelling story of hope and love set against the backdrop of the Balkans conflict of the 90s. The main character is Gemma, a woman who, alongwith her adolescent son, returns to their common roots in Sarajevo. Cruz was reported as saying that playing the character Gemma would be one of the most important opportunities in her career in films. She also said that although she doesn’t like war stories in general, "Venuto al Mondo" is one war story that moved her to the extent that it hurt. The actress read the Spanish version of the book, sent to her by her Castellito and Mazzantini, who are married to each other. Meanwhile, the Rome-based The New Agency (TNA), which represents Castellito, confirmed that the director has indeed initiated the pre-production process for a new film and is currently adapting the screenplay together with his wife. The film would be produced by Castellito’s own company, Alien. Financing details have not yet been finalized and shooting is not expected to begin before 2011. In the meantime, Cruz will be wrapping up the fourth chapter of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and then taking a break to prepare herself for playing Gemma.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: