Parking Your Car At Leeds Bradford

Travel-and-Leisure When you’re booking your holidays, often one of the last things to be thought of is how you’re going to get to the airport. Do you take a bus, train or taxi? Often the most convenient method is to drive to the airport and park your car there while you are away. But where do you park? Is it a safe car park? And what kind of car park do you book? There are three main types of airport car parking: Onsite parking, offsite parking and meet and greet / valet parking. Onsite parking is fairly self explanatory. You park within the airport grounds, and either walk or take a short shuttle bus to your terminal. This is very convenient, as you are very close to the airport, and know exactly where you car is going to be left for however long you are away. Offsite parking involves parking your car at a car park usually a few miles away from the airport, and taking a transfer bus to the terminal. This is often cheaper than onsite parking, but of course incurs more hassle when it .es to getting to and returning from the airport, and in some cases you have to leave your car keys behind for your car to be parked by a car park attendant. Not all travellers are .fortable with this scenario. Meet and Greet / Valet parking has be.e popular in recent years, and is an extremely convenient way to park your car at an airport. Basically, you call the .pany shortly before you arrive at the airport, and are met by a chauffeur who will then take your car away. When you return from your travels, you give them a call, and they meet you in the arrivals lounge ready to give your keys back. Incredibly convenient and a great way to get your holiday off to a relaxed start, but expect to pay a tidy premium for the service. If you book your airport car parking early, you can expect to make good savings – sometimes up to 60% – so it makes sense to plan these things well in advance of your travel date. All of the above are available as Leeds Bradford Airport parking options – and being some 7 miles outside of Leeds City centre, getting to Leeds Bradford Airport by car is one the more attractive options. Leeds Bradford Airport is one of the smaller UK airports, but serves a variety of destinations in Europe and beyond. It can often be cheaper to travel from one of these smaller UK airports .pared to the larger ones, making your holiday even more cost effective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: