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Press-Releases WEST ORANGE, NJ – After happily serving the communities of West Orange and Livingston for years, cosmetic dentist in West Orange Dr. Ivan Stein is now providing free advice to patients on how to maintain a whiter and brighter smile. Dr. Ivan Stein graduated from the premiere dental school at Georgetown University and has honed his craft for over twenty years. As a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry, he has been interviewed on CNBC and ABC. But Dr. Stein is much more than just a dentist- he has also invented multiple products to contribute to the field of neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Stein has even developed devices to promote proper nighttime breathing for those seeking a snoring appliance West Orange. Snoring is a serious issue that causes sleep deprivation for both parties suffering it. Thanks to Dr. Stein’s expertise and knowledge of nasal passageways, at the Northfield Dental Group you can have a custom made appliance to help you breathe easy. Dr. Stein knows that a healthy mouth creates a beautiful smile. That is why he is now offering friendly dental insider advice. For example, many dentists take shortcuts and use mercury amalgams, otherwise known as "silver fillings". However metals such as amalgam expand and contract with temperature variances, which is harmful for teeth. As Sports dentist Livingston Dr. Stein explains, amalgam fillings are not actually silver, they include a mixture of metals and oftentimes more than half of the metals in fillings are mercury. The FDA has classified mercury as a poison. Even in small amounts, these types of metals have toxic effects and can damage nerve tissue. That is why Dr. Stein uses only Mercury free fillings Livingston. Furthermore Dr. Stein always seeks to minimize his patients exposure to radiation from X-rays. By using safer diagnostic techniques and machines with lower emissions, Dr. Stein keeps his patients safe and comfortable. Many dentists want their patients to struggle with teeth discoloration so that they can charge exorbitant rates for teeth whitening services. Not Dr. Stein. Instead of keeping his patients uninformed, Dr. Stein shares his knowledge about teeth whitening procedures so that his patients can make informed healthcare decisions. On his site, cosmetic dentist Livingston Dr. Stein explains how stains form on the dentin of the teeth, and the different types of stains that can occur. As he clarifies, some "teeth whitening" products available on the market and in toothpaste can actually harm your teeth. This is because they often contain abrasive chemicals that may destroy the enamel of your teeth. As he explains many stains do not react to teeth whitening agents or bleaching agents and in some cases porcelain veneers West Orange may be the best option. Because Dr. Stein, New Jersey Top Dentist, puts his patient’s health first, he makes this information widely available on his site so you know what type of whitening products to avoid, and what procedures may work best for your needs. By putting the control in your hands, Dr. Stein allows you to determine the future of your oral health. About Northfield Dental Group: Leading cosmetic dentists in Livingston and West Orange, Drs. Stein, Widmayer and Greenstein operate Northfield Dental Group. The practice offers a wide range of treatment in all phases of dentistry including TMJ, cosmetic fillings, mercury free fillings, veneers, implants, bonding and headache treatment, among others. Dr. Ivan Stein graduated from Georgetown University Dental School and has focused his practice for the past 20 years to full mouth reconstruction. He has pioneered cosmetic implant dentistry and was the first to introduce immediate load implant prosthetics in Essex County. Media Contact: Dr. Ivan F. Stein, DDS [email protected] [dot]com 769 Northfield Avenue, Suite 154 West Orange, NJ 07052 (973) 736-0111 ..northfielddentalgroup[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: