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.puters-and-Technology Nikon has dramatically improved the user interface, from previous models. the additional features are no problem finding and maneuvering. Image re-touching can be achieved directly in the camera, and is easy enough for a beginner to master. Re-touching features include RAW development and straightening. There are two options when buying this camera. You can buy the body only or you can also get it with a 18 -105 mm lens, which .es with vibration reduction. Like all digital cameras the D90 does not have a memory card, but supports both SD and SDHC memory cards. A Nikon D90 has the ability to record short video clips. While some may argue that this can be a bad thing, most don’t see it that way. It truly is just a new option that enables you to make a 5 minute video recording in 1280×720 or if you prefer a longer recording you can make a 20 minute recording in 600×480 at 24 fps with mono sound. This camera produces images that are very clear and noise-free. It has extremely fast performance, and its auto and scene modes make it very easy to take great shots in a number of shooting conditions. It weight in at just one pound and ten ounces,and the body of the Nikon D90 Digital SLR camera is considerably heavier than most other camera models in the same class. Still, it is well built and feels more sturdy. To .pensate for image blur from camera shake or shooting from a moving car, the D90 also has a vibration reduction system, so no worries if you have shaky hands. The well positioned buttons allow easy access to certain features without having to go through the menu configuration. Although brands like Canon and Sony may appear to be the most popular with regards to amateur cameras, most photography veterans will strongly re.mend a Nikon camera if you are serious on getting started in any kind of photography. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: