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Software As consumers we are always lured by the available options, though we are out there to buy a t-shirt, it is not that we will buy any t-shirt on the shelf. We will actually browse through different stores, look around and then buy the one that appeals us the most. Considering this phenomenon of buyer decision making it becomes important for you to add the catalog browsing feature for a Magento ecommerce website. With Magento ecommerce development your product catalog can have many more features that would enhance your consumers experience with you. It also enhances your experience on the site as you manage it from the admin panel. You might think what is so special about Magento ecommerce development and its product catalog feature. Before we discuss this it is important to understand consumers decision making procedure. Most of the times, consumers know what they want to buy, however exactly what they will buy will depend on the choices available to them. Just like the example above they will buy the t-shirt that appeals them the most, but also fits in their criteria of color, pattern, price, fitting, brand, material etc. This also means that they need to know everything about the product before they make the buying choice. Magento ecommerce development can allow you to do that. Similarly as owner of the ecommerce website you would wish to have better control over your website, as in the products you add, its features, images, videos, reviews, polls etc. Think of using some other platform for your website development and all these would look a lot clumsy. However Magento ecommerce development makes it all the easier. It can help you manage your store the way you want but with less hassle Magento web development catalog browsing feature will allow you to perform the functions as listed below: Product filtering in categories and search results Price based product filtering Price can be set to vary Category landing page creation using static block tool Product comparisons with products browsed previously Auto search options Assign design within category and product level Tags for popular products Most viewed products Recently viewed products Grid or list form product listing Other features if required can be added into the site through Magento customization, a service offered by most of the Magento web development companies out there. Armed with all these and more features for catalog browsing you will surely attract more customers as the whole thing becomes much easier for you to manage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: