Li Hongzhong research Tianjin port to visit 8 – 12 accident

Li Hongzhong research Tianjin port at the "8 & 12 Party Secretary Li Hongzhong stressed that" the scene of the accident in Tianjin port safety research work yesterday morning, should conscientiously practice the general secretary on work safety in production of a series of important instructions, profound lessons 8 and 12 "accident painful lessons, to firmly establish the" hidden is accident "philosophy, adhere to the" iron "and" iron rules "iron fist" and "core", the establishment of strict strict strict responsibility system, create a model of city safety production. Li Hongzhong first came to the Southern Petrochemical Wharf, oexamine diagram, understand the port classification and overall layout, walk to the coast of the platform, ask the oil loading and unloading work. In the terminal dispatch command room, Li Hongzhong detailed understanding of the digital hidden trouble management system, while listening to the report of the research. Security management is still a problem in the final analysis." He stressed that to upgrade troubleshooting platform on the basis of the existing system, increase monitoring efforts, the hidden penalties listed, the results linked to the Internet, the responsibility of the strength and dignity embodied, give people a warning. Subsequently, Li Hongzhong came to 8 – 12 accident scene, asked about environmental remediation and planning and construction. In the Tianjin port group office building, Li Hongzhong entered the command and control room to look at the ship automatic identification system, to understand the daily production work. At the forum, Li Hongzhong listened to the Binhai New Area and Tianjin Port Group on port business development, strengthen production safety work report, the reform of the port management system of hazardous chemicals, vehicle management, maintenance of traffic safety, strengthen the accountability chain work conducted in-depth exchanges. Li Hongzhong’s request for port development. He stressed that the historical development of Tianjin is due to Hong kong. Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative development is the biggest advantage of Tianjin port. The unique advantage of Tianjin port to give full play to accelerate the back depth hinterland, port construction, increase the group reform, straighten out the management system and mechanism, enhance the port service function of radiation to the effectiveness of the quality and efficiency of development test reform. Li Hongzhong said that last year’s "8. 12" accident caused heavy casualties and property losses, causing widespread concern at home and abroad, seriously damaged the image of Tianjin, the lesson is very profound. To react, the alarm should be ringing, to Chang Ming, "forced power 8 and 12" accident into the city to strengthen production safety management, strictly from the real foundation of work of the grass-roots level, to ensure the safe production work of new achievements, make great efforts to make Tianjin safe production demonstration city. Li Hongzhong stressed that the current situation of Tianjin’s production safety is very grim, in a period of great development, safety accidents prone, frequent, multiple. The city’s never let down, increase production safety supervision should always be "four iron": "Iron Mask", to be just and stern when Bao, "bad cop", dare to cut down the guillotine; "iron rules" production safety laws and regulations as hard as steel, not vague, can not be a "paper tiger"; "iron fist", "kindness, righteousness not not their financial management", "soft" is not "core" safety production; safety production, human life, for the majority of people’s lives and property safety, processing or speaking.相关的主题文章: