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UnCategorized Reiki is a form of energy healing that has much in .mon with ancient healing traditions. During a typical Reiki healing session, the practitioner performs a kind of "laying on of hands". In doing so, the practitioner is said to channel universal life energy to the person who suffers from some type of physical, mental, or spiritual trauma. This procedure is believed to encourage healing within the person by clearing blockages and establishing a more efficient flow of the person’s own life energy. In recent years, Reiki has be.e extremely popular. It is now practiced throughout the world. As Reiki has migrated from its Asian roots to other parts of the world, however, exact details of the training required to be.e a Reiki master have changed considerably. In many cases, a variety of "new age" beliefs have been added that were not part of Reiki as it was originally developed. Still, across the many versions of Reiki that now exist, attunement remains a key part of Reiki learning and healing. Attunements are rituals or ceremonies conducted by a Reiki Master. In these ceremonies, a Reiki Master uses symbols, sounds, and gestures to connect the student to "ki", or universal life energy. The ceremony opens the student to the source of ki so that he or she can access and channel this energy in future healings. It is said that the initial attunement profoundly changes the student. Through the initial attunement, the student be.es a healer. When an attunement takes place, the student may report various sensations in response to the new flow of energy within. In some cases, the student will report hearing sounds or voices. In other cases, the student will report visual imagery, including colors and symbols. In still other cases, the student will report emotions, feelings, or other hard-to-describe sensory impressions. Exactly what occurs seems to depend on the cultural background and personality characteristics of the student. Once a Reiki attunement takes place, the recipient of that attunement is forever open to the flow of Reiki energy. Nevertheless, most practitioners believe that additional attunements can be helpful. Additional attunements, periodically received, may act to increase the person’s awareness of Reiki energy and strengthen the person’s ability to channel it effectively. Importantly, many of the modern approaches to Reiki learning and training, accept the idea that attunements can be done at a distance. This means that a Reiki master does not have to be present physically to conduct an attunement. An effective attunement can be carried out by A Reiki master located on the other side of the globe. This also means that a person can learn Reiki and be.e a Reiki master through online, or home study, training programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: