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Mobil-.puting Since .puter is treated as the most valuable personal assets by most of the persons, they would not like it to be used by others. If some one feels that their .puter is being used by others, it makes them eager to know about who has used and what for. The best tool to know all these factors is key logger. Keylogger or keystroke recorder records the keystrokes by the users other than you. This software records the keystrokes in encrypted file which can be sent to your prescribed email id. This helps you to find the workings on your .puter from anywhere by signing in to your account when you are away from your home or office. Keystroke logger with most modern key words gives you the records of typed chats, email conversations, passwords typed and websites visited. With these records you can easily find out the person who has used your .puter. Keystroke recorders can be used both in home and office. Most of the managers and directors use this software to find out the mal activities made on their .puter in their absence. Keyloggers help you to know about the data and information send from their .puter to others. This helps you to find the fraud staffs in your office. You can also make use of this software in your home .puter to find out the activities of your children in your home. Since there are several illegal and sexual sites in the internet to divert the attention of children, this software help you to get the details of the sites visited by your children. You can direct them in the right path with the help of key logger. This is the best software which you can get from the market to record the working of your .puter. widestep is your favorite site to visit for this exclusive software to safeguard your .puter. It is the time to visit the site to get the best. There are several sites to provide key loggers, About the Author: 相关的主题文章: