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Web-Design To receive traffic to all websites it is a must to go for Seo Webdesign London , Internet Marketing London is well accepted with all website owners expect quality visitors to achieve their business goal. Know more about search engine friendly London web design read further. JavaScript is essentially a programming language used for adding interactive elements into a Web page design London. This script are embedded into the HTML file itself and executed on the browser. JavaScript was introduced by Netscape and is now supported by almost all the major browsers. It has evolved from version to the latest version Unlike CGI script they are written along with the HTML code and processed the end, that is, they do not run on the Web server they are executed on the web browser itself. you can them on any Web browser that supports java script ,irrespective of the operating system and machine configuration . Using JavaScript is particularly helpful in validating data that a user fills into an HTML form. You can also create animation and other interactive elements in our pages using java script. STRUCTURE OF JAVASCRIPT The script tag is used to include JavaScript into HTML page. So, when ever a web browser encounters the tag it identifies that the lines within this tag are part of the script. Along with the tag the LANGUAGE attribute is used to inform that the language being used for scripting is JavaScript. BASIC .MANDS OF JAVASCRIPT Since JavaScript is based on an object-oriented approach, therefore it treats all elements in web page as objects .And all these objects are contained within a base container called WINDOW. You can get a .plete list of all objects and their syntax on Netscape’s site of JavaScript documentation Methods Methods, on the other hand, are functions or programs that perform a task related to an object. You call a method by using the name of the object along with the name of the method. You can also write a set of parameters that the method may need. functions Functions are a very important .ponent of JavaScript. A function is basically a set of statements that when executed perform a specific task. Functions are written so that the code be.e modular and can be easily interpreted by anyone. To use a function, you have to first define it and then call it from your script. A function, you have to first define it and then call it from your script. A function consists of the function keyword, followed by the name of the function. A list of arguments of the function of the function, which are enclosed in parentheses and separated by .mas. The JavaScript statements that define the function, enclosed in curly braces, It is good practice to define all your function sin the HEAD section of your HTML page so that when a user loads the page, the functions are loaded first just defining a function does not execute it. You have to call the function to change the background color. Events in JavaScript Events are actions that are triggered as a result of something the user does. For a button is an event, so is moving the mouse the mouse over ahyperlink. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: