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Business Tips For Industrial Buyers If youre searching the Web for industrial products or manufacturing services you may be a little overwhelmed of the number of offerings you .e across. A simple search in the almighty Google or Yahoo! will connect you with thousands of .panies offering the products or services you need. But as a smart buyer that I hope you are, and a cost-disciplined industrial buyer, you understand blindly searching the Web for industrial equipment products is on-line suicide. In fact, its downright stupid – to put it bluntly. Dont get me wrong, the major search engines are the greatest tools the Web has to offer. But keep in mind, such directories are only the beginning of your search for a trusting and qualified supplier – never the end. When it .es to souring the Net for products and/or services for your .pany. Nothing beats social networking. I repeat, nothing! Social Networking Call it what you want, social networking, viral marketing, word-of-mouth or whatever suits your fancy, objectively speaking. The point is, theres a reason why social networking has be.e so popular among every day people in virtually every market, industry or .munity. I call it the FSE approach: Fast, Simple and Effective. Everybody involved in business today, especially on the Web, is in constant search of FSE benefits. Although FSE has always been sought after in business, far before the Internet even existed. In todays fast paced, highly .petitive business world, FSE has never been more desired. Hence, the popularity of social networking. Social Networking and the Industrial Marketplace If youre serious about buying or selling industrial equipment products, the key to locating trustworthy customers or qualified buyers, is social networking. Indeed, just as word-of-mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising for small and medium sized machine shops and other SMEs. On-line social networking has taken it to a whole new level. If you are not utilizing the power of social networking to sell your goods and services, or improve your supply chain, you are missing out on the true value of the Web in terms of marketing. IndustrialSAVER and MFGmatch Get involved in online manufacturing .munities such as MFGmatch and IndustrialSAVER to generate business opportunities for your .pany. These little known but rapidly growing marketplaces are designed as social networking sites to help .panies buy and sell a broad range of custom manufacturing services, industrial equipment, machine tools, chemicals, abrasives, HVAC systems, machined parts, precision .ponents and other products for industrial applications as well as machining services. These sites symbolize what the FSE factor is all about. And why I believe wholeheartedly this phenomenon called on-line social networking goes hand-and-hand with the manufacturing .munity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: