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Photography Indian wedding is the most traditional wedding ceremony, A Hindu wedding also known as Vivaah and the marriage ceremony known as vivaah sanskar.The marriage ceremony mostly borrowed from Sanskrit. The rituals and process in Hindu marriage is different in each part of India, but the basic rituals are mostly common in all parts. The key and common rituals in Hindu marriage are kanyadaan, panigrahana and saptapadi that are refers to donate away of daughter by the father. There are two types of process pre-wedding and post-wedding. Not only in Indiaas Indian also live in abroad also so they want the same environment so as in Australia also a huge number of Indian are here so we are the expertise in wedding management in pure Indian way in Canberra. We have creative photographers who not only captures you"re the best day beyond the lens but also they make it alive so even after a decade later you can live your most important day of your life.Sonu photo and video provides you the best photography presentation of your day and make a creative and rich album for not only the newly married couple but for their parents also. Wegenerally design handmade craft for the album as per the clientsrequirements. Each photograph of the album is keep separate from the other and after long years it will be in the same condition that one would think it captured yesterday.sonu photo assure you that you can use your marriage album as a home decor. We not only conduct photography session but also we are expert in video shooting also. we capture your best moments in video also,so now you can live your perfect day whenever you want. Indian Wedding photography Canberra also conduct the wedding photography outside Canberra and other parts of the Australia like Sydney, New South wells etc.We work hard because sonu photo loves the moment when our clients say we produce remarkable videos and pictures. So when you hire photographer and video-grapher from us touch wood you will never regret not only we work as a team and we deliver the best but we care for your concern.Sonu photo and video immortalize your event.We also conduct wedding photography on different geographical locations outside Sydney and other parts of the Australia. We have experienced conducting photo shoots in India as well ; we go all the way across the globe for your priced photos and videos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: