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Home-and-Family Prevent divorce, save your marriage. It is so easy to say that but sometimes it is too hard to do. How can you save a failing marriage? Perhaps it is time to go back to the basics and ask yourself what marriage really means? If we look at marriage and how it is defined in the bible, from the very beginning God has established marriage to be a lifetime union of .panionship and loving between a woman and a man. Mutual love, respect, honor, and responsibility are what make up a marriage relationship. Without these, marriage wont survive at all. So do you still see this characteristic still present in your marriage? If there is then prevent divorce and save your marriage! It is not yet too late for you to make a move. Dont wait for your spouse to make the first move because chances are your other half is just waiting for you to make the first move to save your marriage. If you both just keep on waiting with each other then naturally your marriage would go to waste. The first thing to do is think back where the problem started. You cant go back in time and change it but you have the power to change your situation today. For sure the atmosphere in your home is quite negative so try to lighten it up and think all things positive. When you show a negative attitude naturally the response would be negative too, but if you show a positive attitude then a positive attitude from your spouse follows too. If your marriage is struggling due to financial difficulty, dont nag your spouse to find another job and bring home more money. Instead try to find a way that you can earn too and help bring extra money in to pay for your financial obligations. Nagging and blaming your spouse wont solve the problem and this might just lead to separation. It is financial problems that can break a marriage fast. Go out and do some physical exercise together. Spend some time together like walking or jogging in the park. You can go swimming, hiking or even fishing. Exercise is very good to the body and mind. It releases a lot of tension and stress you have and when you do it together it makes you grow closer together. Avoid having arguments with your spouse over some little things. The more you can avoid arguments, the more that your marriage heals fast. If you want to prevent divorce and save your marriage then do everything you can to eliminate negativity in your marriage. The more positive things you can inject to your marriage, the more that both of you will feel good and if you have eliminate most of the problem then who would want divorce? Marriage is a sacred thing that you and your spouse .mit to so it is just right too to do all you can to prevent divorce and save your marriage. It is worth all the effort since the future of your children depends on it. But if for some couple, after doing everything they can to save their marriage and it still fails, then perhaps to separate would be best for everybody, but if one of you still thinks that your marriage would work the second time around then you can probably still save it before its too late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: