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Arts-and-Entertainment Despite the critical success of the Green Arrow team-ups, the period was not a strong one in Hal Jordans history. His longtime girlfriend broke up with him, and that sent Hal traveling around the country doing odd jobs here and there. Also during this period, two new back-up Lanterns were introduced. Guy Gardner premiered in the 1960s and was shown to be Abin Surs second choice after Hal for the role of Green Lantern. Stubborn and hot-headed, Guy has had many altercations with his fellow heroes. Hes also gone through a number of changes, among them wielding a yellow power ring and calling himself Warrior. Eventually, Guy Gardner would grow up, and be placed in charge of training the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. John Stewart premiered in the 1970s and has been the regular Green Lantern during times in which Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner resigned their posts or were off world. John is famously the most stable of the Earth bound Green Lanterns, but his tenure has not been without grief. Most notably, he was unable to prevent the destruction of the planet Xanshi, and that failure would plague him for years. In the 1990s, more change came to the Green Lantern .ic. Following the destruction of Coast City by the Cyborg Superman, Hal went insane (this was later blamed on being infected with the parasite Parallax) and tried to destroy and remake the universe. Though ultimately unsuccessful, Hal caused plenty of other damage during his insane and evil days. He killed Sinestro, destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, and annihilated all but one of the Guardians. Though most of this damage was later retconned away, many longtime fans were truly disturbed and upset by the evil turn of their hero. When Earths sun was threatened by a sun-eater, Hal redeemed his evil ways by nobly sacrificing himself to save Earth. Still not earning his rest, Jordan came back as the Spectre, the Spirit of Gods Vengeance for several years. This would change in the storyline Green Lantern: Rebirth, during which Hal Jordan came back to life and was freed from the influence of Parallax. In the aftermath of Hal Jordans turn to the dark side, the one remaining member of the Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet, sought out a new Green Lantern. He chose Kyle Rayner, a young freelance artist from New York. Kyles painful introduction to the world of superheroing began shortly thereafter, when the villain Major Force killed his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt. A large bulk of Kyles storylines have dealt with his guilt over not being able to save her, and that guilt grew as other loved ones came into harms way and Kyle was unable to prevent their harm. On a brighter note, Kyle has been a member of both the Titans and the Justice League of America. One of his closest friends was Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow. For a time, Kyle absorbed more energy than he could handle and he became the godlike entity known as Ion. Ultimately, after a heart to heart with Superman, Kyle decided to relinquish those powers. The excess energy Kyle relinquished was used to restart the central power battery on Oa and to help give life again to the Guardians of the Universe. This would be an important step in rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps to their former glory, one of the major current themes in the Green Lantern .ics. The powers and abilities of the Green Lanterns have depended on who is wielding the ring, but the power ring can be used to construct any object in the wielders imagination. In addition, it has given wearers the power of flight, telepathic abilities, radiation generation, invisibility, and force field generation. Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner are all currently alive and well in the DC .ic book universe. Alan Scott enjoys his post as one of the elder members of the Justice Society of America while Hal and John continue to take turns patrolling Earth in service to the Guardians. Kyle and Guy are currently primarily off Earth, helping to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps in their own way. Essential Storylines: ~ Hard Traveling Heroes ~ The New Frontier ~ Zero Hour ~ Final Night ~ Rebirth ~ Sinestro Corps War ~ Green Lantern: Mosaic ~ Emerald Twilight ~ Emerald Knights About the Author: 相关的主题文章: