Great Version Of New Adidas Climacool Ride

Arts-and-Entertainment Adidas is a name that stands for excellence in all sectors of sports around the globe. And this year, adidas successfully attracted the great attention from all of the world. It released the latest version of running shoes named Adidas ClimaCool Ride, and some people call it CC Ride in short. It is the biggest shock to the market that the new sort of Adidas Running Shoes came out with 26 colors, and only 8.9 ounces in weight. The new technology used in the shoe provides awesome ability for the runners; the lightweight, the cool and wonderful feeling. You would not image how many stores are selling these shoes. The stores on the shopping malls or the on-line stores. People can buy the shoes directly from the Adidas official On-line shop or get discounted items from many other store at 10-20% discount, they are nice. Let’s back to the nice colors of the shoes. As we learn from the release, adidas released total of 26 colors for the shoes. And people are keen on getting one pair of the shoe to their own. Also David Beckham has one pair of the shoes from the adidas, in color of blue/white. In addition to the colors, the technology used in the shoe is remarkable. High temperatures and humidity inside the shoes is said to be the main cause of dis.fort for runners and athletes. And adidas addressed these issue in style. The latest addition to the addias footwear range is the ClimaCool Ride which boasts an impressive 360 degree ventilation system. ClimaCool material achieves 20 percent reduction in in-shoe moisture and 12 percent drop in foot temperature, two critical factors against foot disease and dis.fort. Weighing in only at 8.9 ounces, its cClimaCool material uppers serve a dual purpose of ventilation and weight loss while providing flexibility to the wearer. Peveto gave a .ment on Adidas ClimaCool Ride shoes that, the shoe was designed with the athletes in mind so they can look and feel cool while they run, and with 26 in-your-face colors, there is something for everyone. Adidas ClimaCool – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: