Grand Canyon Helicopters – The Ultimate Way To Visit The National Park From Vegas-nlite

Travel-and-Leisure When you’re in Vegas on vacation or for business, you can work in a quick tour of the Grand Canyon when you take an air-only helicopter tour. They don’t land at the canyon, but they do cover the highlights and they’re quicker and cheaper than landing tours. These tours offer amazing aerial views of scenic landmarks such as Grand Cliffs Wash, the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the amazing glass Skywalk. The Vegas travel industry refers to air-only helicopter flights as "basic" air tours, but I think that’s a little misleading. They’re chock-full of value, especially the ones that take off from the Strip. Takeoff Points The tour helicopters that fly to the Grand Canyon leave right from the Vegas Strip and from Boulder City, Nevada which is a quick 30 minute shuttle ride from Vegas. The Strip flights are the ultimate in convenience. As you can imagine, the takeoff point is just a short drive away (ten minutes or less) from most of the big resorts. The tour .pany will even send a limousine to pick you up. That is the ultimate perk! Keep in mind, the pampering and convenience is reflected in higher tour prices than you’ll have to pay by choosing an off-Strip tour. Tours out of Boulder City are less expensive. That’s because you need to take a thirty-minute shuttle ride to get to your chopper. And because there’s no limo, you won’t get any extra style points. There are more flights that depart from Boulder city than can leave from the Strip. Because of that, there are more tours and seats available so that makes prices lower. However, riding to your helicopter in a limo is certainly a very nice touch. It’s a pretty cool way to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. It would feel so much more special to be picked up by a limousine than by an ordinary van, to me at least. Even though the Strip departures cost more, they almost always sell out. That’s especially true if you wait too long to lock down your seats. I always re.mend booking at least a week in advance, but two weeks ahead is even better. Buying early allows you to get lower prices too because the tours are kind of like airplane tickets in that you have to pay more if you don’t get your seats about two weeks in advance. The Choppers No matter which departure point you choose, you’ll fly in an EcoStar 130 helicopter. These are the sightseeing choppers of choice because they are big and .fortable. These choppers have stadium-style seats that face forward and huge wraparound windows that offer spectacular views. Wrapping Up Las Vegas air tours can be deluxe (Strip takeoff and limo) or basic (Boulder City takeoff and shuttle van). Other than that, the tours are identical. Both types of tours are air-only and use EcoStar 130s. Just remember to book your tour in advance so you can get a seat. Tours departing from both takeoff points sell out regularly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: