Forcing children to greet people in the pit baby (video) haywire

Forcing the children to greet people see this scene is often in the pit baby life, children are focused on playing, suddenly home to the guests, to say to the guest’s welcome, mom and dad will quickly put the child crying over, let the children say hello to guests, "quick, say hello to uncle aunt, aunt play." If the child does not respond, the atmosphere will be a little awkward. But never mind, when parents casually say: "this child really is not polite, well teach back" can easily saved, visitors will politely said: "OK, small children are so……" This is a set of words, it seems very reasonable, but adults, you have to consider the feelings of the child? One, is not polite to say hello? Remember that one time, the family came to a lot of relatives and friends, most of them are not aware of the flowers, and some relatives returned to the flowers with a gift, of which there are blossoming like Bobbi dolls. The grandpa excited, just pull out there to say hello to you, her mouth is blossoming, do not speak, then grandpa smiled and joked: "blossoming asks people not polite, do not give you a toy!" The little white lip, said: "I don’t want to!" Then ran back to the room. Then the toys have been shelved, were never touched. In fact, it is not rude. If she is familiar with a friend, every time she met will run to meet, and sometimes even give a big hug to a friend, bold confession: "where have you been recently? I haven’t seen you, I miss you!" Therefore, for children with "rude" this tag is certainly justified, the child’s psychological than we imagined to be more sensitive, we reprove the child in front of the guests, children free label, do we really understand what is polite? Two, children do not say the reasons behind the 1) shy anxiety. Children with strangers, or in their unfamiliar environment, instinctively show timid and shy. Some children are very lively, very open in front of strangers, but every child born temperament personality are not the same, do not require each child bold zuitian. Please take care of the child’s shyness. If she is afraid to hide behind you, don’t pull her in front of the crowd. 2) don’t like. Children do not want to be close to a person, the reason is usually very pure, just because they do not like it. The man’s beard is terrible, "she looks serious" or "he doesn’t seem to like me at all". Forcing the child to say hello to the people he does not like, the child’s heart will not only be very resistant, but also because their parents do not understand their feelings of helplessness. 3) do not understand the meaning of greeting where. If we do not love a person, but because of the sensibilities and other reasons, we will bite the bullet, grinning with the dinner table, leave each contact, then with other friends Tucao: "Hey, I met a wonderful day"…… But the child can not understand the meaning of this communication is, do not like it, why do you have to force yourself? Perhaps at this point, we have to learn the child in turn. Three, do not use the so-called courtesy, to pit your child in addition to forcing children to greet相关的主题文章: