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Email-Marketing If you have been locked out from your Hotmail account or have forgotten your password, due to unauthorized practices, you are always asked to get in touch with the best hotmail password recovery tool, to reset your accounts password. For fulfilling this step, you need to avail recovery email id, your number or any form of verification code, as sent to your account. You need to answer some verification questions, which are used to test your identity. After it is thoroughly proven that you are the real owner of your account, you can easily get back to your account, in no time. Retrieving your account Now, according to the latest news feed, it has been found out that Hotmail account has now been changed to outlook… Moreover, you have the liberty to access your Hotmail account from the outlook page, if you have your accessibility intact. Once you have forgot hotmail password, ensure to .e in direct contact with technicians immediately. Through outlook.., you can always recover inactive account. However, if your account has not been used for the last one year, it will be automatically deleted. If you have deactivated an account manually, you only have 30 days in your hand, to retrieve your old account, before deleting it on a permanent basis. Few steps to follow In case, you have hotmail f.ot password, make sure to follow some promising steps, as provided by reliable professionals. There are few simple steps, which can cater to the various needs of promising account holders, who are willing to retrieve their lost account. For the first step, you have to click on cant access your account link Select the option, under I f.ot my password and press next Enter your Hotmail address in the Microsoft account field Select your favourable verification method and press enter After receiving the code, enter it in selected area and your password will be retrieved. Verification methods to follow When you Recover Hotmail Password , there are various simple steps, which you need to follow, under verification method. You can either enter your alternative email account or use any Microsoft account application. You can even opt for the mobile phone texting option, as another major verification procedure, while you are planning to Recover Hotmail Password. This verification procedure is a must, to continue with the next steps and to retrieve your long lost account. You even have to fill out the Microsoft account form with valid information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: