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UnCategorized In the early 1990s, it seemed that the world of theatre was crashing and burning. With the expenses of putting on a musical theatre production skyrocketing, few people were willing to shell out for high priced theatre tickets when they could just as easily visit the movie theatre for a fraction of the price. Fortunately, Disney rescued the struggling Broadway scene, first with a stage version of Beauty in the Beast, and then a production of the Lion King. Today, this flashy modern musical can be seen at a variety of venues, including the Lyceum Theatre, located in London’s West End. Here are five reasons why you should attend this spectacular show. 1. Appealing to All Age Groups Clearly, the Lion King is a hit with kids. But the rhythmic music and sophisticated plot makes it an entertaining show for adults as well. Young adults will enjoy relieving memories of the first time they saw the movie as children. 2. Award Winner The Lion King has received a number of distinguished awards, including eleven Drama Desk awards and six Tony awards. It was also nominated for an additional five Tony awards. Any production that is the recipient of this many awards is clearly worth seeing. 3. New Songs Everyone loves the songs from the movie version of the Lion King. Favorites such as ‘Be Prepared,’ ‘Circle of Life,’ ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King,’ and ‘Hakuna Matata,’ are featured in the West End stage production. But there are also several new songs that were .posed for the musical version. These new songs include ‘Endless Night,’ ‘Shadowland,’ and ‘One By One.’ 4. Beautiful Costumes One might wonder how a musical production of the Lion King is able to portray animals such as giraffes and zebras while using humans as actors. This feat was achieved with the help of several excellent costume designers. It is fascinating to see the costumes, which are simultaneously intricate and simple. The amazing thing about these costumes is that they manage to convey human characteristics while retaining important animalistic elements. This anthropomorphic balance between animal and human helps keep the story believable. 5. Unique Scenery There a number of .plicated scenes in the Lion King that could not work without the use of sophisticated scenery and props. One such scene is the stampede, during which wildebeest props on rollers create an effective feeling of danger. With great music, lovely costumes and unique scenery, the Lion King musical is one of the most entertaining shows in decades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: