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Arts-and-Entertainment Some people feel that if it is time to file for bankruptcy that the time to use a financial management service has already passed. This is not true! A financial management company will have you fill out a detailed financial review. One of their trained counselors will use this information to help make a personalized plan for you to help you with your current situation. They can assist you in the process of filing for bankruptcy, whether you"ve already started or not. One of the benefits of a financial management service is that they have a couple different courses available. They will have a course for those who haven"t yet filed for bankruptcy and one for those who have begun the process. Also, there are two options for how you can complete each course. They offer both over the phone and in person, or you can take the course completely online. They are trying to make it as pain free and convenient as possible. Counseling for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy law is quite complex and because of that the best thing to do is make sure that you consult someone who is qualified to help you through the process. Chapter 7 bankruptcy generally is designed to help out people who have large sums of debt but have lost their income and can no longer pay back the debt. The debtor will be required to liquidate a lot of their assets in order to make an attempt to pay back the creditors but most, if not all, of their debt will be able to be discharged. A financial management service will offer a course for those who are filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy and can help explain to them all of their options. Counseling for Chapter 13: The counseling for chapter 13 is very similar. The main difference is how this type of bankruptcy affects both debtor and creditor alike. In chapter 13 the debtor is required to pay back the creditor but the payment plan is specialized and adjusted to be only 3-5 years. Interest rates may be completely eliminated but basically both parties make a compromise so that such a huge loss isn’t taken. Consulting a financial management service for bankruptcy can really help you get back on the right track. Plus since the credit counseling course is required by bankruptcy law you can now complete it online saving you time and money. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: