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Home-Appliances Excel Xlerator hand dryers feature a breakthrough in the hand drying technology. These hand dryers are fitted with auto sensors that sense the movement of hands. A blow of hot air is thrown when hands are kept under these dryers. Excel Xlerators are designed to dry hands faster than other drying materials including towels and tissue papers. Excel Xlerator hand dryers have automatic sensors and thus avoid your contact with shared surfaces, promoting hygiene. These hand dryers use the most advanced technology that saves electricity and dries hands quickly and efficiently. Excel Xlerator hand dryers are made of die cast zinc alloy which makes them lightweight, unbreakable and rustproof. These hand dryers can be availed easily in many colors and designs. The dryers consume less space and can be ac.modated easily in all washrooms. Dryers are fitted with optical sensors located next to air outlet that automatically turn on and off on sensing hand movements. Dryers are equipped with 35 seconds lockout mechanism in order to save consumption of energy. Excel Xlerator hand dryers are easy to use. They can be positioned at convenient heights making them easily accessible for everyone. This hand dryer is the best hand dryer in the business. Another popular line of dyers are American dryers which can .pletely dry your hands in as little time as 10-15 seconds. The hand dryers are fully automatic as well as lab safe. These dryers are more economical as .pared to paper tissues. Also, these are energy-efficient and consume less energy as .pared to older models of hand dryers. American dryers eliminate the use of paper towels, conserving paper and hence saving trees. Wet paper towels serve as breeding place for bacteria. These hand dryers kill up to 95% bacteria and other micro organisms present on skin. They also reduce bacterial growth inside the washroom by preventing the use of paper towels. American dryers .e with excellent warranty period. The dryers are automatic, lab safe and require very less maintenance. They are best for installation in offices, malls, restaurants, hotels and other .mercial centers. Purchase these hand dryers from online stores at the best prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: