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Fashion-Style ENVI Shoes is an online shoe store specializing in quality, up-to-the-minute shoes and accessories for women. We carry the best shoe brands including Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Jessica Simpson Women’s shoes, and Grace Women’s Hats. ENVI Shoes is a unique online shoe boutique that specializes in brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Jessica Simpson, and Grace Hats. The online shoes and accessories shopping destination features items that are trendy and of high-end quality. We are always on the search for shoes from the hottest shoe brands like Jessica Simpson Women’s Shoes and Grace Women’s Hats, John Lin, the managing partner of ENVI Shoes said. We are inspired by women that like to take risk with their shoe choices. ENVI Shoes is a place where you can find one of a kind, bold, and distinct shoes. Fashion ENVI, the ENVI Shoes blog, shows readers how to make outfits based off a shoe, how to get looks from music videos and films, and how to wear the current fashion trends. On the ENVI Shoes blog, their "Blogger Love" series focuses on interviews with fashion bloggers in order to learn more about our customers interest in shoes and fashion. Also, their "ENVI Exclusive" series focuses on interviews with independent designers that they feel will be the "next big thing" in fashion. On Fashion ENVI, we have two posts that help us do research on our audience: ENVI Blogger Love and ENVI Conversations. ENVI Blogger Love focuses on the increasing and influencing .munity of fashion bloggers that help us figure out what’s the next big thing in fashion and in retail. ENVI Conversations focuses on promoting independent designers that we hope that we can sell on ENVI Shoes. Other posts like ENVI Alert, ENVI Looks, ENVI Video Spy focus on how to wear the merchandise we sell. Fashion ENVI keeps up with the latest headlines in fashion with posts: The Gist, ENVIABLE STYLE, and LOVE. There are many ways we promote our products and give advertising to our clients (shoe and accessories brands). We do monthly giveaways in order to make sure our customers are aware of the brands we have like FRYE. We want to be able to do a giveaway with almost every shoe or accessories brand we sell. Our main goal with our cookbooks is to showcase real girls in ENVI Shoes’ brands like Hush Puppies Shoes , OTBT Shoes and Jeffrey Campbell in order to give our customers a visual way to connect to our .pany. We will be expanding to doing video look books in the near future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: