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Alternative Egyptian Healing Rays. I channel and direct powerful healing ray energies from the ancient world. I work with Egyptian spirit doctors from around 1500 BC who channel healing rays through me. I have been open to spirit since I was a young girl. I always had strange dreams of pyramids, temples, Egyptian symbols. I inherited my psychic abilities from my grandmother. As I grew up I continued to experience these strange dreams and visions. Over the years several Egyptian figures regularly appeared in front of me. They were often dressed like priests as one would expect to have seen them. Some of these figures became very familiar as they were at a later to be.e my Egyptian spirit doctors. Over a period of time they began to work through me, channelling and conducting energy rays from their world into mine. I will now explain how a Egyptian Healing Ray session works: The subject relaxes on the treatment couch, while I prepare myself for the arrival of Egyptian spirit doctors. They always perform one of their ancient healing rituals, their way of blessing and expressed dedication. I feel an energy disturbance all around me and I greeted by the presence of a clear sided pyramid, the subject and I are now enclosed within this ancient Egyptian symbol. We are then transported to the lower chamber of an ancient pyramid in the spirit realm. I need to clarify from my perspective I can see both worlds at the same time. In one world I am still in my treatment room and at the same time I can see the inside of the lower chamber of the ancient pyramid. The inside of the pyramid is so real that I can smell and taste the sand and grit in the back of my throat. I am only shown the part of pyramid where the treatment will be performed. The walls of the chamber are well lit but I cannot make out any light source. The Egyptian Doctors work through my hands we work together in harmony my hands are theirs. They use their own system of symbols and magic that is unique to the person that they are treating, where it is possible to determine the psychological and physical condition of the person, where the treatment is specific to their need. One of these procedures involves placing the subject inside a large grey sarcophagus. It resembles grey cement container but unlike the highly decorative sarcophaguss found in Egyptian pyramids this particular one is plain with no intricate inscriptions or markings. I have been told that this grey container is actually a regeneration chamber. On .pletion of the session the subject and I are returned back to our world. The session usually lasts for half an hour, however due to time distortion the subject often feels as only several minutes have past. Research by scientists has shown that a subject sat in a pyramid for an hour had the subjective impression that only a few minutes had past. At the start of the treatment there is a transparent grounding pyramid over the subject it operates like antenna that transfers the energy from one dimension into another. There is also a further inverted solar pyramid above. The four sides of the grounding pyramid represent the four elements and the apex of this construction is the energy transmitter. The two pyramids join at both apexes they act like two antennas they transmit the .bined healing power of solar and Earth energy. I have been told that this is the source of power behind the Egyptian Healing Rays. Several mediums have also confirmed that I am surrounded by blue and gold healing energy and have seen Egyptian figures around them, others have .mented on seeing a huge energy ball floating above them and that its surface is pulsating with electrical energy. The majority of subjects report an overriding feeling of calmness and .fort that is not of this world. Thank you for reading. 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