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Travel-and-Leisure Considering the nature of children, it is always wise that every necessary attention is devoted to ensure their .fort. Children by all standards need your love and care in order to be happy. One thing that is worth knowing is the fact that your ability to ensure their safety and .fort has several benefits for you the parent. This means the level of protection they have will indicate how safe they will be. To this effect, many .panies have and continue to develop facilities to take care of the needs of the child. One of these important items needed in a car for the .fort of the child is the peg perego travel system. This is but one of the .panies out there that are into the manufacture of quality facilities for the .fort of infants in a car. Among some of these items produced by peg perego include the child booster and the convertible car seats. The system, even though very quality and useful, they are less expensive and very affordable. Let’s now consider some of the striking feature of peg perego travel system that should attract you to use them. The first is the 5 point safety harness. This is very important seat belt for your security. In fact, it would be re.mended that if a car seat does not have this, you better ignore it. Peg perego travel system also has EPS Energy absorbing liner. The importance of this is to absorb and distribute energy. What this means is that it ensures that the chances of seat failure very minimal. Another important feature of the system is that it has what is known as the Latch system. The latch simply stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for children. This facility usually built in new cars is to anchor and also to ensure the safety of people onboard the car. Children feel very safe with this in place. The adjustable seat belt is one of the features of peg perego travel system. With this, parents are able to adjust the seats. This can be done either vertically or in a reclining position. It is worth knowing that the seat position is dependent on the age as well as the size of the child. The system also has what is called the weight restriction to monitor the child. Usually the re.mended weight falls within the range of 5Ibs to 40Ibs. Other features include the removable padded fabric and the rear facing and forward facing, all fixed for safety purposes. Now you know how important it is to nake lots of analyses before purchasing a travel system. Never make the mistake of buying by just considering only the outlook since there is more to that. Before you get confused with choosing a brand or .panies with all these important features needed before purchase, try peg perego travel system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: