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Cai Zhenhua: the football association did not force the resignation of Gao Hongbo   don’t make mistakes – Yunnan channel — original title: Cai Zhenhua: so low FA did not force the resignation of Gao Hongbo will not commit such a low-level errors on the afternoon of 13, China Association executive committee held an emergency meeting to discuss should resign from the national football coach to Gao Hongbo’s. However, the same as the Executive Committee of the Gao Hongbo, did not appear in the conference site. After the football association will held a media briefing in the Executive Committee, Gao Hongbo resignation and appointment of coach related matters described. China Football Association executive committee Yu Hongchen said that the coach will produce in 20 days, but there is no contact with any person, including rumors of the Shenhua coach mansano. China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua on the so-called "Gao Hongbo Football Association was forced to make a explanation. He said that he had never mentioned the resignation of two words, "I can responsibly say. Also did not show a similar message, never say this lost you resign. Normally, I wouldn’t have made such a low-level errors. As a child exam, I can’t tell you if the child said, do you like." Cai Zhenhua said he understood Gao Hongbo’s pressure, after the game he was at the hotel also asked Gao Hongbo to resign. "Gao Hongbo said before the 5 games to get 7 to 8 points, 12 game that must reach the world cup, so from the coach, he must take responsibility, so I offered to resign". He said. Yu Hongchen of the game last night Cai Zhenhua and the football coaching communication in detail. He said, Cai Zhenhua gives the suggestions on the emergence of the first list of players, and affirmed the formation. "Although we can make suggestions, but the decision-making power in his team, the final decision is the head coach, he may be too idealistic. Because the coach is hired by the China Football Association, so, when the coach made a mistake in decision-making, the football association should bear the responsibility." Cai Zhenhua said. For the new appointment, China Football Association executive vice president Zhang Jian said that the job will learn from the experience and lessons of the past, will be looking at familiar with the range of outstanding coaches China, Asian Football in the Chinese and foreign coaches are possible. It is reported that the coach will work period is limited to 12 strong match, this also means that it will be a period of at least first is only about 1 years of partnership. This cycle can attract big Yang Shuai, had to be marked with a big question mark. There is news that the football association has been deeply approached and Li Tie. In addition, Jia Xiuquan’s voice is quite high. (Zhu Xiaolong) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor) 蔡振华:足协没逼高洪波辞职 不会犯这么低级的失误–云南频道–人民网 原标题:蔡振华:足协没逼高洪波辞职 不会犯这么低级的失误   13日下午,中国足协执委会召开了紧急会议,商议应对高洪波辞去国足主帅一事。不过,同样身为执委的高洪波,并未出现在会议现场。   足协在执委会会后召开了媒体通气会,就高洪波辞职以及聘任新帅相关事宜进行了说明。中国足协执委于洪臣表示,新帅将于20日左右产生,但目前还没有与任何人选进行过接触,包括传言中的申花主帅曼萨诺。   中国足协主席蔡振华就所谓“高洪波被足协逼退”一事作出了解释。他说,自己从来没有提过辞职两个字,“我可以负责地说。也没有表露过类似的意思,绝对不会说这一场输了你就辞职。正常的情况下,我也不会犯这么低级的失误。就像孩子考前,我不能跟孩子说,你如果考不上就怎么样。”   蔡振华表示,他了解高洪波身上的压力之大,赛后他在酒店也询问了高洪波请辞的原因。“高洪波说前5场要拿到7到8分,12强赛前说一定要打进世界杯,所以从主教练这块,他一定要负起责任,所以就提出了辞职”。他说。   于洪臣对比赛前晚蔡振华与国足教练组的沟通进行了详细说明。他透露,蔡振华对于首发名单中出现的球员给予了建议,并对阵型表示肯定。“虽然我们可以提出建议,但决策权在他,球队最后决策者是主教练,他也许过于理想化。因为主教练是由中国足协聘请的,所以,当主教练在决策上出现了失误,足协也理应承担责任。”蔡振华说。   对于新帅的聘任工作,中国足协常务副主席张剑表示,选帅工作会吸取以往的经验与教训,会在熟悉中国、亚洲足球的优秀教练的范围内寻找,中外教练都有可能。   据悉,新帅的工作周期将以12强赛为限,这也意味着这将会是一份至少在第1阶段仅为1年左右的合作计划。这样的工作周期能否吸引大牌洋帅,不得不被打上一个大大的问号。   有消息称,足协方面已经和李铁进行了深入接洽。此外,贾秀全的执教呼声也相当之高。(朱小龙) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: