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Movies-TV The BT Vision + Box is user friendly TV box which allows you to make most of your television subscription for you can control your Live TV viewing i.e. pause rewind and record your favorite TV shows. In case you have missed out a particular show during the past week, you could always catch up with through your BT Vision . Apart from regular TV listings, you could also choose from additional shows, films and even add Sky Sports 1 and/or 2 to your existing BT TV pack. The sleek black box, Vision +Box is capable of airing high definition programmes and also consumes less power. With a storage capacity of 160GB hard drive you can easily record and store up to 80 hours of Freeview TV. Digital TV Packages from BT are offered across 3 levels viz. TV, Broadband and Calls, More TV Broadband and Calls and Unlimited TV Broadband and Calls on a 24 month contract. Since they cater to offering you a bundle of essential services, you can rest assured of quality services from BT. The BT TV Broadband and Calls offers you with a Vision + Box, broadband services with a 40GB usage limit and even unlimited UK weekend calls. The TV programmes you can watch here include Freeview and pay per view TV shows. For those of you who wish gain some more from BT Vision can go for More TV Broadband and Calls which offers you a free Vision+ Box, a BT Vision Bronze Pack with 4 viewing packs, BT Broadband Option 2 which offers 40GB usage limit and unlimited UK calls on weekends. By availing this offer you save greatly for you do not need to spend quite on the TV box. Lastly, the Unlimited TV Broadband and Calls is the most attractive of all the three offers for you get a BT Vision Gold Pack with 6 viewing packs, unlimited broadband usage under BT Total Broadband Option 3 and unlimited UK Anytime calls service. You can even add special sports channels such as Sky Sports 1, ESPN, and Vision Sport under the Total Sports 1 offer or go for Total Sports Max which offers Sky Sports 2 as well along with the other sports channels. As you go through the BT TV packages and the features of the BT Vision + Box, you will find them cost effective and affordable. With BT taking lead in providing state of the art communication solutions, it makes sense to check out its offerings in greater detail whilst choosing your digital TV provider and a suitable TV subscription. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: