British media exposed the United dressing room with ghost 2 Mourinho will not stab

British media exposed the United dressing room with ghost 2 against Mourinho backstabbing British media will accept Mu Shuai United’s two secret sina sports United’s 3 to 1 victory over league team Bei’an Hampton, a Carling Cup victory helped Mourinho dilemma temporarily had a crisis of confidence, over the past two weeks, from the home court defeat rivals Guardiola the leader of the city, even the negative to Faye Nord and Waterford, entered the Old Trafford before two months of Mourinho, finally experienced predecessors difficult. Beijing time this evening, Mourinho led the Premier League champions Manchester United will usher in the city of Leicester after the challenge, fortunately a week ago lost to the Waterford game, Luke Shaw criticized the adverse effect in the locker room has been eliminated, "Manchester Evening News" said, now the United dressing room most players are still in support of Mourinho, and are willing to their coach doing everything in the game. However, there are two people except. Mourinho criticized Luke Shaw of the storm has subsided "Manchester Evening News" puliao, at Old Trafford is not harmonious, the locker room still buried two "anti Muslim elements", the two men not only against Mourinho, even in the latter office this summer at the moment, "very unhappy". The report also revealed that some leaked to the media on the page, on the inside the locker room some United all the minor details situation comes from the two "traitor" leak. The team inside the secret to the next plane child, this approach is equivalent to a knife in the back of Mourinho. Of course, the British media broke the news also has a certain degree of "follow suit", recently Mourinho led Manchester United temporarily fell into the trough, astronomical star Pogba joined the team has not been able to play a convincing performance, mkhitaryan did not play in Dortmund this year half the skill, plus the team losing streak before the pressure under the British media love to stir some of the news, until Mourinho led out of the predicament, it will naturally disappear. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: