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Politics This past week The Capital Area Association of Realtors released June home sales figures. For the second month in a row the association decided to do a previous month comparison, and year over year comparison. Why would they start a previous month comparison? In my opinion because the numbers sound better than year over year comparisons. What is being reported is factual, closed home sales for June were up over 20% from May. Sounds great doesn’t it? What wasn’t reported was that June virtually has more home sales every year than May, and May home sales were down over 20%. This tid bit of information would put the previous month into proper perspective. OK, sales were up over a terrible month. Whooopeee! Actually it is good news, however June over June sales increased only single digits. In other words we are holding our own, but the way the information is reported could mislead consumers into believing all is peaches and cream in the local housing market. It’s not. The same is true for the recent jump in the stock market. Headlines everywhere told us the market is up to the highest of the year. This is due to higher than expected earnings reports from industry leaders like Caterpillar. The truth is that major corporations posted bigger profits because they have reduced their expenses. How? Trimming their work forces which has pushed unemployment up to 9.5% heading for over 10%. Did Caterpillar earn more because of increased sales, and revenues? No. Cat said they have raised their expectations for earnings because the stimulus plan in China is working. The Chinese economy continues to grow and they are ordering big Cats to help build industries like coal powered electric plants. What are we doing in the U.S.? The house passed Cap and Trade legislation that will effectively cripple our coal industry, drive up the price of electricity, raise the price for gasoline, food, clothing, and everything else manufactured in America. The cost? Over two trillion dollars will be sucked out the private sector from every man, woman, and child in this country. All to pacify environmental extremists who have brainwashed people into believing that CO2 is causing global warming, although temperatures have fallen eleven straight years, and a group of 750 noted scientists refutes CO2 as the culprit. It is not settled science. Except for those that want government to takeover the energy industry. The president wrapped this legislation as a jobs bill. This is blatantly false. For every green job created, two jobs will be lost for a net loss of two million jobs during a recession. Worse is that green jobs pay less than half of what the jobs being eliminated pay. If that’s not bad enough, our quality of life will be lowered. It is a government takeover of the energy industry through false pretenses. Again what the president says the bill will accomplish does not match what the bill says, which no one read before voting, and will have a devastating impact upon the economy, individual liberty, and quality of life. Cap and Trade is wrapped as a jobs bill, and you get to save the planet too. Both lies. It is a takeover of the energy industry with trillions of dollars redirected to big government. The same is true for Obama Care. The president says it’s not about him, when it’s all about him. He is either intentionally deceptive (a polite way of saying he is lying), or incompetent for not having read the bill. Obama says he wants a government plan to provide competition. There are currently over 1700 health insurance plans in the country. That’s not competition? A government option will undercut the price of private plans which will accomplish several things, but ultimately the most important to Obama; government takeover of the health care system. Canadian government run health care started exactly the same way, by offering a government option. The private health industry no longer exists, rationing of care, and inferior care is now the norm. Hawaii offered a plan that was to be an option of last resort, became the option of first choice because it was cheaper, bankrupt the program, drove small insurance companies out of business, and had to be terminated after only seven months. Florida began offering homeowners insurance as an option of last resort which has become the option of first choice because it is cheaper. It is grossly underfunded and will cause tens of billions of dollars in losses to the taxpayers in the event of a hurricane according to actuarial studies. Health care reform is wrapped as an option to create competition, and to insure the reported forty seven million without insurance. Both lies. One only need look at the census to realize ten million without insurance are illegal immigrants. When an amendment was introduced to ban illegal immigrants from the plan, Democrats voted it down. Millions that are uninsured are young people who simply choose not to spend the money. Obama Care would force penalties to be paid to the IRS for those who choose not to buy insurance. Effectively there are about nine million Americans without insurance. This is not about competition or looking out for the uninsured, it is about a government takeover of the health care industry, again diverting trillions of dollars to big government. So be careful how you process information being reported to you. It very well could lead you to false conclusions. If Cap and Trade is passed in the senate, and Obama gets his version of health care reform, then we cease to be a great nation. Your choices will be made by bureaucrats. What kind of car you will drive, what kind of light bulbs you can use, where you can set your thermostat, trillions of American dollars will be diverted to the government, millions of jobs lost, resulting from this bill. Sold to you as saving the planet. A crisis manufactured by extremists, promoted by liberal media, and a popular president. Sad so many people are fooled. If Obama Care is passed, an entire industry will be eliminated driving up unemployment. The quality, and availability of your health care will be determined by a bureaucrat. You and your doctor will no longer be making the life altering decisions that will affect you, your children, your parents, and grandparents. This is insane. There should be reform, but not a government takeover of health care. Call your congressmen and senators to put a stop to the madness. In spite of all the faults in our current system, America still has the best health care in the world. That will be lost with Obama Care. Not only will Americans suffer, so will everyone in the world, when there is no longer money for research that leads to medical breakthroughs and cures. Sad day for the world. The economic impact of the government takeover of energy and health care will lead to a lost decade. It is impossible to tell if our economy would ever recover, or if America will simply turn into a European socialist style democracy where 15% unemployment is the norm, rationed inferior health care is expected, and there is a powerful ruling elite. Is this change we can believe in? Be careful how you process information. That’s how you end up buying a bill of goods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: