Attack Your Stain Using These Secret Yet Powerful Carpet Cleaning

UnCategorized There are so many stains to get rid of on a daily basis, whether you’re cleaning your upholstery, carpeting, or clothing. Choosing the right stain remover and the correct cleaning method can sometimes be a daunting task. In this article our focus will be geared towards getting rid of your unsightly carpet stains. We will guide you through some of the overlooked yet very effective ways of making your carpet look like new again. One thing for sure is that carpet cleaning has come a long way since using the old baking soda paste scrub method. Today the most popular methods of carpet cleaning are: carpet shampoo, dry powder, steam cleaners, carbonated water, bonnet as well as many other home remedies. No matter what your stain is one of these proven methods is sure to get rid of it. Lets break it down and explore three of these popular carpet cleaning methods. The bonnet and carbonated water method of carpet cleaning uses a powerful pre-treatment solution of cleaning agents then a rotary tool is used to scrub the stain. At the bottom of the rotary tool is a bonnet or pad if you will, that transfers the dirt from your carpet to the bonnet. Chem Dry, the professional carpet cleaning company, has been known to use this method quite frequently. This method is very popular because it is highly effective. It is similar to the home remedy used by housewives where they use club soda on a stain and then a clean white cloth to soak up the stain by blotting it. The method of using shampoo on your carpeting isn’t as effective as the bonnet and carbonated water method, but nonetheless it is still practiced in many homes throughout the country. Using shampoo involves spreading carpet shampoo on the stains and scrubbing it in with a brush. The shampoo can be in a dry powder form, foam spray or even liquid. After the shampoo has dried it is then vacuumed up with a vacuum cleaner. This method of carpet cleaning works for quick fixes but mainly just pushes the dirt further into the carpet. Most grocery stores or even your local hardware store will have a carpet cleaning rental center. There you will usually be able to rent what is known as a carpet steam cleaner. The capet steam cleaning method is the most popular out of the three because it’s very affordable, highly effective, and you can do the job yourself. Don’t be fooled by the name, steam is not actually used in this process but instead hot water. This is how the process works, a mixture of shampoo and hot water is sprayed onto the carpet, then the carpeting is scrubbed by the machine’s rotary brushes. This loosens up any dirt or grime that might be trapped deep in your carpeting. The steam cleaner then uses strong suction to pull the water and dirt back out of the carpeting, leaving you with awesome looking spotless carpeting. This is the best route to attaining clean carpets if you want to do the job yourself. Calling in a professional carpet cleaning company is always an option, but since carpetcleaners are so widely available to rent many people are choosing to do the job themselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: