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If you encounter some computer problems or help a friend to do some application notes of use have insufficient time or network not to do it? A lot of people recommend QQ remote assistance, while very convenient, but on the network requirements is relatively high, if there is no network what should I do? Using Win7 this gadget can be easily resolved. PSR is a feature of the Windows 7 operating system preferences. Before the official version developed, Microsoft has made available to the public free of charge using Windows 7 Beta version, Beta version has a "send feedback" feature, is actually the PSR.exe. PSR serves as a screen recorder after you start recording it will faithfully record your every move on the current screen, but is different from the normal screen, it is not a simple save as video, it is saved as a graphic key click on the mouse and keyboard actions, and support adding comments, both reduces the size and accuracy of the description does not affect the problem. We can use this feature to produce teaching scripts, documentation, and even presentations, video more than the simple and convenient. PSR simple setup PSR’s interface is very simple. There are only a few simple buttons, set the following menu options are very simple. Straightforward interface with simple instructions for the software is very easy, for convenience, most people here just to show how to use the PSR. Using method: Opened from running PSR Manual path 1. open the PSR approach there are many: click on the Start button, below the "search programs and files" dialog box, enter the "psr", appears in the list, click away; or manual location to "C:WindowsSystem32psr.exe". If you use this tool, can also create shortcuts on the desktop. Start recording button After each operation the cursor becomes a little red dot 2. click on "start recording" button starts recording the screen. After opening a program, each point in the operation with a mouse recorder will do a screenshot, and saved as a picture. May at any time add a comment 3. in the process of recording, click on the "add a comment" button to comment on an action description. Click on the "add comment" the mouse "+" operation interface is presented a frosted glass effect. Drag the mouse to draw a rectangle to the target, the target will be highlighted, and will pop up a "add comment" dialogue box, where we can enter a description for more information. Stop recording button Select the save location and enter a file name and click Save 4. screen after the recording is complete, click the "stop recording" to terminate the recording. After clicking on save dialog box will pop up, select the location where you want to save and click Save. After saving the file Each key operation screenshots PSR is a recording tool desktop operations, and other desktop recording tool, the PSR our operations will be split between each picture, and automatically adds text to look at pictures of the action steps. And to add detailed notes by hand, after the completion of recording before the program description and comment all automatically generated as an MHT report format, and packaged as a ZIP compressed documents. This way is inferior to other video recorded by intuitive desktop recording tool, PSR will automatically generate a report, note these instructions, the most important is the capacity of small, easily submitted through the network. Because PSR’s original use was for feedback or questions here say is a derivative use. If stability is very high after errors were found in the Win7 how to submit it? In fact very simple. ..windowskeyshop../ open and login to your Windows Live account (each account has 25G of storage space). Enter the "documentation" below "public" folders, default permissions are "everyone (public)", that is, everyone can see and download files within a folder. And then you upload the ZIP file of the recording, and finally can be patient and wait for someone else to answer your questions (sort of like Baidu know). With this feature, we can turn around p-diagram of the steps to make some small tutorials. Main can be used as emergency course, in the case of insufficient time or network is not stable operation again to .plete, and straightforward, very convenient. Wish you could use your .puter more easily! 相关的主题文章: