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Business Document signing with a Contact Smart Card in a user’s Web browser (form fields, forms, files, and other) is an ongoing problem for which there is no standard solution, regardless of the platform and the Web browser type or version. Today’s Web browsers do not have implemented functionality for the signing of attached files when they are sent from the client to the Web server. This leads to problems with the implementation of some custom applications in which the client needs to certify, in a trustworthy way, that he or she is the sender of a given document. Examples for such applications are found in e-government and e-banking systems, some financial systems, and others. Systems such as these obviously are going to contain sensitive data, and proper certification is a must. Use a proprietary extension for the Web browser (for example, CAPICOM in Internet Explorer and crypto.SignText() in Netscape and Mozilla). Use a Java applet, which would work nearly anywhere. If you use extensions for the Web browser, signing parts of HTML forms through JavaScript can be easy, but the signing of a local file is still hard to do because JavaScript cannot read the local file system due to security restrictions. However, my Java applet can do this because it is signed. By design, Java applets run with full permissions, without any security restrictions, and thus can read local files. Building a Contact Smart Card Applet – Card Embosser The goal here is to develop a technology that would digitally sign documents in a Web-based environment with a Contact Smart Card. The developed technology should be independent from the operating system and from the user’s Web browser. A Java applet will be used to execute the signing in the user’s Web browser. First, the ways and means for Contact Smart Card – Card Tipper access delivered by Java 5.0 will be presented. Afterwards, step-by-step development of the signing Java applet will be presented. It will sign files in the user’s Web browser using a Contact Smart Card before sending them to the Web server by a standard HTML form http://www.cardteq.com Card Embosser, Card Tipper, Contact Smart Card About the Author: 相关的主题文章: