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Boston: unexpected trouble drivers are well hit and killed – Beijing Beijing in February 14, according to U.S. media reports, the rare traffic tragedy Boston local time on the morning of 12. On the same day in downtown Boston to the direction of interstate 93, a driver is a flying 200 pound cover hit was killed while driving a vehicle. Reported that the manhole cover is located in the south direction of highway 93 left, close to the exit of O’neal tunnel. For some reason, the manhole cover is out of place and flies into the air. Police said the preliminary investigation showed that the manhole cover was smashed on the windshield of the driver’s car nearby. After the crash, the car continued to move south on the left side of highway 93 until it hit the wall on the left shoulder. Police said they had confirmed the identity of the victim, an adult woman, but the details of her had not been disclosed. As to why the manhole cover will be out of place, the police said it is still under investigation. Onlookers said, this is really a rare tragedy, who would have thought that his car was hit in the drop from the clouds objects and killed?

飞来横祸:波士顿一司机开车时被井盖砸中身亡-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据美国媒体报道,美国波士顿当地时间12日早晨发生了一起罕见的交通惨剧。当天在去往波士顿市中心方向的93号州际公路上,一名司机在驾驶车辆时被一个飞起的重达200磅的井盖砸中并身亡。   报道称,该井盖位于93号公路向南行驶方向的左侧靠近奥尼尔隧道出口的地方。不知什么原因,该井盖脱离原位并飞到空中,砸中受害司机。   警方称,初步调查显示该井盖砸在了附近行驶的受害司机汽车的挡风玻璃上。在遭到撞击后,汽车继续在93号公路左侧向南行驶直到撞上左侧路肩的墙上。   警方表示,他们已经确认了受害人的身份,是一名成年女子,但是关于她的详细信息暂时还没有披露。至于井盖为何会脱离原位,警方表示还在调查之中。   围观群众表示,这实在是一起罕见的悲剧,有谁会想到自己在驾驶汽车时会被从天而降的物体击中而身亡呢?相关的主题文章: