National Lottery Center won the World Lottery Association responsible Lottery two class certificatio

National Lottery Center won the World Lottery Association responsible Lottery two class certification, November 6th to 9, 2016 World Lottery Association annual meeting held in singapore. The National Lottery Center representatives attended the meeting, and was awarded the World Lottery Association work responsibility Lottery two certificate. 2016 World Lottery Association annual meeting theme is "win in the new world" – to meet the challenge and to change bravely". The meeting focus on technology innovation, innovation, management, responsibility for the rich theme lottery keynote speech topic and share, in addition to the delegates from the lottery institutions all over the world in various fields including supplier representatives, diplomats, scholars, and the space station commander for a total of more than 1000 people attended the meeting, and carried out extensive exchanges and the discussion around the theme of the meeting. One of the important agendas of the conference is to issue certification certificates to the lottery institutions which have obtained the certification of the World Lottery Association responsible lottery work. The purpose and function of the certification is to standardize the daily operation of the members of the association, so as to achieve the effect of controlling lottery tickets. National lottery center to practice the practice of social responsibility, and constantly sort out and improve the relevant practice of the construction of responsible lottery, through the World Lottery Association responsible Lottery two certification. At the meeting, Mr. Bodart, President of the World Lottery Association, awarded the two grade certification of the responsible lottery to the national lottery center. This is not only the affirmation of Chinese sports lottery as the national public welfare lottery, but also lays a good foundation for the future sports lottery to further promote the construction of the responsibility lottery. In addition, during the meeting, the National Lottery Center under the China lottery lottery Operation Management Co., Ltd. also joined the international lottery supervision association. The main purpose of the association is to monitor the integrity of sports betting around the world, and strive to crack down on irregular bets. In the future, the national lottery center will work with all the world lottery agencies to jointly promote the anti gambling anti money laundering work, and provide stable and reliable operational guarantee for the competition of the quiz lottery.

国家体彩中心获世界彩票协会责任彩票二级认证11月6日到9日,2016年世界彩票协会年会在新加坡召开。国家体彩中心派代表参加了此次会议,并获颁世界彩票协会责任彩票工作二级认证证书。 2016年世界彩票协会年会主题为“赢在新世界——迎接挑战、勇于改变”。会议紧紧围绕技术创新、变革、管理、责任彩票等主题安排了丰富的主旨演讲和专题分享,除了来自世界各国彩票机构的代表、供应商代表外,包括外交官、空间站指挥官和学者在内的各领域专家共1000多人参加了会议,并围绕会议主题进行了广泛的交流和讨论。 此次会议的重要议程之一,是向获得世界彩票协会责任彩票工作认证的彩票机构颁发认证证书。该认证的作用和目的在于规范协会成员的日常运作,以达到有节制彩票的效果。国家体彩中心以践行社会责任的实际行动,不断梳理和完善责任彩票建设工作的相关实践,通过了世界彩票协会责任彩票二级认证。在本次会议上,世界彩票协会主席博纳特先生亲自向国家体彩中心代表颁发了责任彩票二级认证证书。这既是对中国体育彩票作为国家公益彩票所取得的成绩的肯定,也为未来体育彩票进一步推进责任彩票建设工作奠定了良好基础。 此外,会议期间,国家体彩中心下属的中体彩彩票运营管理有限公司还加入了国际彩票监督协会。该协会的主要目的是为了监测世界范围内体育博彩的诚信问题,努力打击不合规的投注行为。未来,国家体彩中心将与世界各国彩票机构一道,共同推动反赌球反洗钱工作的开展,为竞猜型彩票的赛事诚信提供稳定可信赖的运营保障。相关的主题文章:

Skin would like to wash white The sun turned white 3 properly no problem! imjpmig

Skin would like to "wash white"? The sun turned white 3 properly no problem! Intro: Well, well, no matter you are soon after the fake student party, or by exposure to "stump" summer girls are tanned a lot? "Black" appearance but can’t make too many people see, don’t worry! Barbara sister white began to follow meter! (source: bazaar) play cool? But also the "black"! Well, managed to put a fake, with bestie playing awfully wildly, but we have been a "behind" is on. It is not a little preparedness in you, basking in your skin, when you go home to take off clothes is the key… Become so! This is what the latest personal color underwear? Barbara sister deep inside refused, and shouted: we don’t want to be black! White: white meter meter now 3 strokes to tell you that you have been so dark back! 72 hours after sun repair: gold sun if redness, peeling or sunburn and other skin problems, don’t rush to use whitening essence. The skin should be given sedation, anti-inflammatory care. You can choose to use mineral water spray or mild alcohol free make-up water to wet. Contains mineral ions or metal ions trace mineral spray, can activate the activity of Langerhans cells in the skin, so as to enhance the ability to resist the skin of the self, to further reduce the UV damage to skin, but also play a role in cooling, effectively reduce the possible pigmentation after inflammation problem now. Sun 3~7 days: intensive replenishment period generally in the sun for about three days, the skin of the first stage of self repair, there will be a local peeling phenomenon. Do not use abrasive particles containing skin care products, otherwise it will cause skin damage. The correct way is to strengthen the skin moisturizing, slather moisturizers, first through the 3~7 day period of awkward peeling, nursing the next stage is the best. A week after sun speed: white sun during the critical period of a week or so, the state of the skin has stabilized, skin inflammation subsided after a lot of produce melanin, then you can start to use some effective whitening ingredients has the essence to strengthen care, whitening mask, intensive repair products can also be used in this stage. The whitening products ingredients can choose contain vitamin C, tranexamic acid, nicotinamide and other ingredients, and without alcohol, gentle whitening essence. The theory of knowledge have now is the time to hoard goods! The face was sun hot, this spray is definitely the first choice! Cool texture can give you cool, calm effect, at the same time it does not stimulate, will not let the skin have two injuries, so that the skin instantly become quiet down. This is a very nourishing body lotion, contains a variety of calming ingredients, such as aloe vera. At the same time, the solution can be targeted to help repair the sun caused by free radical damage. Every day the sun is not the younger sister paper miss it yo! The texture is light, still has a "standard" snow hideie "flavor, focus on: whitening brighten effect is really there, but compared to the!相关的主题文章:

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the internal supervision of the supervision of the p mp7a1

The Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Regulations on Party inner-party supervision is not restricted, exception – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Dandan) yesterday concluded the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee passed the "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations". The afternoon of October 28th, the Deputy Secretary Wu Yuliang said that the amendment principle is one of the "adhere to the trust can not replace supervision, emphasizing the inner-party supervision is not restricted, without exception, at the same time to seize the" vital few "". In the afternoon, the Central Propaganda Department held a press conference, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department is responsible for the introduction of the Communist Party of China in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The Deputy Secretary Wu Yuliang introduced at the press conference, "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)" promulgated in December 2003, this is the first party supervision of special document to strengthen inner-party supervision, plays an important role in maintaining the unity of the party. However, with the development and change of the situation and tasks, the problems of the new regulations and the new practice are not suitable for the gradual emergence of the problem. At the same time, in the past more than and 10 years, the new development of inner-party supervision, especially the new practice and new experience of the party since the beginning of the last eighteen years, is urgently needed to be solidified in the form of Party regulations. Wu Yuliang said, the general secretary Xi Jinping at the eighteen session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the five plenary session of six, to perfect the inner-party supervision system request, clear the nature, position, role and inner-party supervision systems and measures, and pointed out the direction for the amendment ordinance. Central Commission for discipline inspection organs have held a special meeting 7 times, the revised regulations. The Party Central Committee to consider, decided to amend the Ordinance into the important issues in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. From the beginning of March this year, under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central committee. He said that the amendment of the party constitution as the fundamental to follow, and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech comprehensive, around the theory, thought, system construction system, around the power and responsibility, play design system. Grasp the following principles: the first is to uphold the party’s leadership, strengthen the responsibility to play, the leadership itself contains education, management and supervision, leadership power should bear responsibility for oversight, and strive to have the right to have the responsibility, the responsibility to play, by the law, the default will be investigated. Wu Yuliang said, two is to adhere to the problem oriented, not Tandaqiuquan, what problems to solve any problems, enhance the pertinence of reality; the three is to adhere to the trust can not replace supervision, emphasizing the inner-party supervision is not restricted, without exception, at the same time, seize the key minority, the Party’s leading organs and leading cadres, especially leading cadres as the focus of supervision; four is to adhere to democratic centralism, strengthen the organization and supervision of top-down, bottom-up improvement of democratic supervision, play at the same level of mutual supervision, adhere to the combination of inner-party supervision and external supervision, regulating the relationship between Inner-party supervision and other supervision mode, the realization of the rule of law and the organic unity of the party rule; the five is to adhere to a pragmatic well, taking into account the necessity and feasibility of summing up practical experience, refine the workable real. "Supervise byelaw within the party" China Communist Party regulations is divided into 8 chapters, 47, divided into three sections: the first chapter is the general principles, constitute the first plate,.相关的主题文章:

HP launched a new family of WASD Games after the listing will buy pppd-175

HP launched a new family of WASD Games: the rise of the game market will buy the market has become an irreversible trend, the new and old PC vendors have turned their sights. 24, HP launched a dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience for users and design the new game products series: X high-end gaming desktop, arrogant, arrogant the shadow elves PLUS game X surface display and SteelSeries co shadow wizard series accessories, so as to bring out the color performance and flexibility in any custom details. Among them, the arrogance of high-end X game console can be equipped with two NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card or two AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card. Support overclocking sixth generation Intel Core i7 Processor?? i5, can achieve the effect of realistic virtual reality and 4K like experience personally on the scene, even the most demanding AAA games. Arrogant X high-end gaming desktop using the HP revolutionary thermal management solutions, provides the design of a four cavity, and to separate the components through the special cooling system to ensure that each chamber cooling effect is better. Support up to three 120 mm liquid cooling radiator, and is equipped with the installation of the exhaust port and the top of the ground base provided chassis, contribute to the cold air flow, achieve better ventilation effect. In addition, the machine also has built-in control software to provide a full range of design control capabilities, allowing real-time custom LED lamp modification and brightness adjustment. Chassis to support seamless upgrades and modifications, without the need to open the machine tools and the use of a hidden tool box inside the box, easy to upgrade. It is worth mentioning that the user can also buy an empty arrogant X high-end game console chassis, to create a PC. Shadow wizard PLUS game using the new NVIDIA? GTX 1060 and 1070 graphics cards, support G-SYNC display technology and the mainstream of the current VR-Ready features. Screen, with a 17.3 inches FHD display (maximum support 4K display), the brightness reached 300 Neate. In addition, the aircraft is also equipped with four Bang & Olufsen speakers and HP Audio Boost, thickness of only 32.9 mm, weighing up to 7 pounds 3, a 95 watt polymer battery, life time up to 7.55 hours. In addition, in order to improve the family of WASD games, HP launched the first NVIDIA G-Sync technology arrogant X surface display. And launched a series of cooperation with the shadow elf elf headphones, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and other game accessories.相关的主题文章: